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OTC fell before San Martin de Corrientes in a complicated match for those led by Fabio Demti. Although it started out evenly, at Celestial The match got out of hand as the Corrientes were unstoppable in the last two quarters. Thus, San Martin got his fifth consecutive victory and is undefeated.

Regarding the development of the game, the first quarter ended 25 equals. Although the Corrientes team began winning with a partial of 5 to 0, OTC He managed to turn it around and impose himself. However, about the end of the quarter San Martin managed to convert an important triple so that the scoreboard ends without advantages for the missionary team.

In the second quarter, with just over two minutes to go, the game was even at 37. But, about the end San Martin far surpassed Light blue so that the result ends in the middle of the game in 49 to 37 in favor of the correntino team.

With respect to the third quarter, those led by Fabio Demti they were imposed by 18 to 16 but it was not enough to surpass him on the scoreboard to the Corrientes since he was 65 to 55. In the last quarter, when OTC it was six points, San Martin He scored a great goal for the match to end 86-72.

OTC fell to San Martín
OTC fell to San Martín 86-72.

National Basketball League: led by Giorgi and Los Santos, Oberá won again at home

Nicolás Giorgi, basketball player of Oberá Tennis Club, scored a triple key in the absence of 25 seconds, to get five of difference, which became irremovable for Gymnastics. The top scorer was Giorgi, with 21.

The locality suits OTC. Playing on the red earth adds another touch to the cast of Fabio Demti, and demonstrated it again in the Derna. Before his people, with a high-flying basketball, he achieved his third victory in a row at home, after having defeated Plays by 107-80 already Argentinian 94-72. In this way, and with a seamless first half, he extended that streak against a very tough team such as Gymnastics.

The first quarter was won 27-17, and the second 23-19, arriving at halftime with a 50-36 advantage, which was surely unexpected for the cast. Light blue in the previous one. Where was the difference? Facundo Giorgi he became the owner of both paintings, and the internal rival on duty, be it Acuña or Romero, could not stop him (he finished with 21 units): Oberá He ended up winning the duel in that sector by 48-36, as well as the rebounding by 41-40, although the low effectiveness was noticed from the outside, with a 27% product of 5/18. In addition, he only had 6 losses, against 10 in the Green.

The missionary representative had a great first half, based on good defense, they built an attack with mobility and solidity, which also passed the ball with good arguments and complicated the defense of Gymnastics that I couldn’t control Giorgi (eleven); plus good income from Givens (8) and Peralta (8), with eight points each, in addition to the calm and strategy of Treise at the base.

Gymnastics sought, in the rotation, the return to the game, without too many answers. At times he found them with Acuna (8) and Rosemary (9) in the painted area, in others from the perimeter via Barreiro or Vega, or also with the good hand of Elliott (6).

After the long break, the team Martin Villagrán showed all his qualities, little by little he was imposing his game, shortening the differences, with Elliott from the perimeter more Vega in the same area. With Orresta very active, he was filing the difference and got into play. On the closure, with a triple of Barreiro, put the result in tables: 62-62 with a resounding 12-26 partial.

The last set was blow for blow, Gymnastics he continued on a streak and did not give up any ball. But those led by Fabio Demti they did not lose their minds, Giorgio He was once again important in defense, controlling Acuña. Too Of Los Santos, was fundamental, with a couple of penetrations and a triple on the end to make a small difference.

OTC fell to San Martín

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