National Basketball League: OTC visits Gimnasia de Comodoro Rivadavia tonight

After the great victory achieved in their visit to San Lorenzo for the National League, the team led by Fabio Demti visits Gimnasia de Comodoro Rivadavia starting at 9:00 p.m. and will seek to stay on the winning path.

Oberá Tennis Club had achieved a couple of interesting victories at the end of last year, prior to the break, and in these weeks he reaffirmed his good feelings. He took the points against San Lorenzo and then lost to Platense at home (87-79), but that’s when he straightened his course with two important victories: a categorical 99-67 against Unión at home in Augusto Derna and a recent 70- 68 against San Lorenzo in Boedo, at the start of his current tour. Celeste settled in at the same moment that they recovered their players affected by Covid-19, and now they are going for more.

Gymnastics (10-6) is going through an interesting current situation in the League. Despite not having closed 2021 well by adding three consecutive falls on the route, he managed to raise his profile at the start of this year, after the break, with two important victories against Hispano (84-67 away in Río Gallegos) and San Martín (86-80 at home in Comodoro).

The negative is that he comes from losing his undefeated status at home after falling to the team of the moment, Peñarol, by 100-87. Now his record in the Founding Partners is 8 wins out of a possible 9, and little by little he is definitively establishing himself in the batch of the first six in the table.

National League: on its anniversary day, OTC defeated San Lorenzo in Boedo

In the continuity of the National League, the team technically led by Fabio Demti stepped strong in Boedo and took a victory for Misiones on the day of his birth anniversary.

OTC: the missionary team marches steadily

Against the reigning champion, the cast of the Capital del Monte brought out its full potential and achieved a very important victory in the contest. Thus, Demti’s team has a record of (10-8).

Closed, adjusted and due to details, it was the triumph of Oberá Tenis Club (OTC) that with just enough, could keep an important victory away from home. Thanks to a good advantage obtained midway through the last quarter, which gave him the chance not to despair of winning it at the end thanks to a bomb from Nicolás De Los Santos.

OTC did not have a good version of the game, but Givens (14pts+13RT+4AS and 20VAL) and Robinson (15pts+8RT and 23VAL) brought out their conditions to assert them in the paint. Who was also important in this regard was Peralta, who added 9 rebounds to his 10 points with a PIR of 14. The one who appeared at times was Johnson who was not as effective as usual but still had 12 points.

Fabio Demti’s team won one of those goat games, important to win to continue adding and building the identity of the missionary team.

On the other hand, Oberá Tennis Club will have to face Gimnasia de Comodoro Rivadavia in the south and then will receive Olimpo in the capital of Monte, on Friday.

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