Vikram Saini expelled from the assembly constituency of Rakesh Singh Tikait, people strongly opposed the BJP candidate

BJP’s troubles are increasing in the UP assembly elections 2022, first the leaders of the party are going and now the public is opposing the candidate of the party. People have started coming out openly against the candidates, the people angry with the candidates are not allowing them to campaign in their village. The latest example of this was seen in Munavvarpur village of Muzaffarnagar. Where people drove out Vikram Saini, the candidate of the area from the village.

In the first phase, elections are to be held in western UP seats. Candidates of various political parties have increased activism in the assembly constituency in view of the elections. In this sequence, BJP MLA and candidate from Khatauli assembly seat of Muzaffarnagar, Vikram Saini, who came to campaign, had to face opposition from the villagers. Vikram Saini tried to handle this protest but in no time the protest increased so much that in the end he had to leave the village in his car.

According to the video viral on social media, as soon as Vikram Saini reached Munavvarpur village in his Khatauli area in the evening, people started shouting slogans against him on seeing his car. People continuously started shouting slogans of Vikram Saini go back, and Murdabad. And the matter became more serious when suddenly people surrounded Saini’s car, although after this Vikram Saini sat in the car and left with folded hands.

Vikram Saini, while telling the media about the incident, said that “the protest which is being seen in the video which is going viral, in reality the matter is that 2 boys who had consumed alcohol were protesting. Both those boys were with Rajpal Saini and are with him even today, but except for those two boys, the whole village is with me. ,

If media reports are to be believed, then Khatauli assembly constituency of Muzaffarnagar has been a stronghold of the farmers’ movement.
Rakesh Tikait comes from here. The tussle between the farmers and the government during the farmers’ movement could be the reason behind Vikram Saini’s expulsion from the village and the villagers’ protest.

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