Negligence on Omicron variants too – people who have traveled abroad gave wrong contact numbers, now the administration will take up the case

Meerut | Uttar Pradesh Meerut Omron : India has come on alert mode once again after the new variant of the corona virus, Omicron. Since getting Omicron patients in India, the health department is continuously monitoring the people coming from abroad. In such a situation, once again great negligence has come to the fore from Meerut in Uttar Pradesh. It has been told that those who have reached Meerut from abroad in the last 15 days should give their wrong mobile numbers. When the health department officials tried to contact these numbers, most of these numbers were found to be wrong. In this regard, Meerut CMO Akhilesh Mohan said that people gave us wrong numbers, so we have to go to his house.

Uttar Pradesh Meerut Omron :

Will file complaint against those who do this

Uttar Pradesh Meerut Omron : After listening to the CMO, the DM of Meerut has also said that such negligence cannot be tolerated. He said that after getting such people tested, when everything becomes normal, then a complaint will be registered and investigation will be done. The DM said that after whatever we all have played in the second wave of Corona, we should be alert but still people are showing negligence. At present, he has instructed the health department personnel to go door-to-door to test such people.

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325 people have come from abroad in 15 days

Uttar Pradesh Meerut Omron : Let us inform that in the last 15 days, 325 people have come after traveling abroad. Of these, 7 passengers returning from South Africa are also included. The biggest dilemma is that the mobile numbers of these seven passengers have been given wrong. This is the reason that now their addresses are being searched by health workers. After which they can be tested by going to their house. Let us inform that in the last 24 hours, once 9000 cases have been reported.

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