No return of CAA, Article 370

Petrol, With the cut in diesel prices and the withdrawal of controversial agricultural laws, some are unnecessarily hoping that the government may reverse the decision to end the special status of Jammu and Kashmir. i.e. paragraph 370 That might come back once again. With this, it is also expected that the government can also repeal the Citizenship Amendment Act. But informed sources in the government and BJP say that nothing like this is going to happen. In fact, the hopes of some people have been raised because the rules of the Citizenship Amendment Act have not been made yet. Even a year after the law was passed and the President’s assent, the government is yet to make rules to implement it.

The Union Home Ministry is taking time again and again to make its rules. Only then people are feeling that since this law is not implemented yet, it can be withdrawn. But it will not happen. On the contrary, the BJP wants the Shaheen Bagh type of movement to start again for its return. If such a movement starts, it will help in polarizing the BJP. It is also being said that before the elections, the government can also make rules to implement this law.

similar article 370 Return is also not possible. After the withdrawal of agricultural laws, some journalists and channels spoke to people in the Kashmir Valley, After which it was discussed. But the people of the valley also feel that this law will not be returned. At most elections can be held soon and after that statehood can be restored. Can’t expect much more than this.

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