Punjabi and Tussi-Tainu’s blasphemous attack!

The anchors are making new nonsense in order to outdo each other in the competition of flattery. Once upon a time there was a competition of intelligence in journalism. Today is Beakli’s. No one ever thought that common everyday words like tussi and tainu of Punjabi could be linked to constitutional dignity. Looks like these anchors have gone mad. You are telling Tadak to Tussi and Tainu. In opposing the Chief Minister of Punjab Channi began to oppose Punjabi and the culture of Punjab.

Now languages ​​are also being targeted for the politics of hatred and division. Is. Respect the common colloquial words of Punjabi,being associated with disgrace Is. How sad that the media, which has become a part of the political agenda, has completely forgotten the linguistic diversity and beauty of India.

Punjabi is one of the beautiful languages ​​of the world. There is a sweetness dripping in it. Well the truth is that in Indian languages, every language has its own unique beauty and uniqueness. What is it, ask those who speak it to those who live in it. Such is the sweetness of words. There are idioms. In which there is love and affinity accumulated over the centuries. No one ever thought that everyday common words like tussi and tainu of Punjabi can also be linked to constitutional dignity. Looks like these anchors have gone mad. You are telling Tadak to Tussi and Tainu. In opposing the Chief Minister of Punjab Channi began to oppose Punjabi and the culture of Punjab. The anchor who has shown this charisma of his intelligence, it is the same who has held Indian soldiers responsible for the incursion of China in the past. Said it is the responsibility of the army to protect the border, The government will go to stop some infiltration. And at the time of demonetisation, there was no match for his investigative work of finding the chip in the two thousand note.

If the time was normal, there would not have been good days, then fifty people would have told them by now that sister, if Tainu does not even understand Punjabi, then Tussi can be any language., Dialect, Can’t understand the news. Many people of the office would come and hold them and interrupt them. And as the owner himself is a Punjabi. Comes to the studio and says that there is a problem with Tainu., If you do not understand Punjabi, then why have you killed that witch sir? Punjabi is the language of love. The haters cannot understand. But today there is no confidence that he has not been given more than one promotion for this feat.

Punjabi is the easiest and most spoken language among Indian languages. Not only in North India, there will be no one living in any corner of the country and the world who has not heard Punjabi. Punjabi man is everywhere. And that world’s most powerful man also speaks to the President of America as Tussi Great Ho Paji.

It is not that this anchor does not have such a deep understanding of the language. But in the pursuit of getting ahead of each other in the competition of flattery, they keep on discovering such new things. Once upon a time there was a competition of intelligence in journalism. Today is Beakli’s.

Western UP is located next to the studio in which these anchors give knowledge while sitting in Noida. Where the father is also called you. In Punjabi, the parents are affectionately called Tainu and Tussi. But in western UP, it is a part of linguistic culture.

languages, How are speeches made? How do you represent your culture? It used to be a matter of journalism. Every regional (zonal) newspaper used to have some words in the local language. Radio and Doordarshan used to run their programs in all Indian languages. He used to give news. Their departments used to be separate. And the best creators of that language were associated with them. Today only these programs in many languages ​​have been stopped. Some time ago Dogri people had told that the programs of Dogri are being stopped from radio.

Apart from Punjabi, the second language we find sweetest is Dogri. Just as it is said for Punjabis that Punjabis di Shan Bakhri, similarly it is said that Khand Mithe Lok Dogra. One starts falling in love with the language and the culture there. And sometimes vice versa is that individuals, ideas become so effective and pro-people that the language starts to sound better. This is what is happening with Marathi these days. This language was preferred even earlier, but ever since the journalist who used words like Arnab Goswami was arrested, that language became more and more popular across the country.

Today, when the politics of languages ​​is over in the country, news channels are bringing it back to life. Hindi was once opposed in Tamil Nadu. Today, Punjabi, a popular language of North India, is happening in Hindi news channels. Those who play this game don’t know what kind of fire they are setting.

Punjab has hardly calmed down. An elected government has been formed. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Thousands of security personnel and people of the public have established peace there by sacrificing their lives. There is a lot going on on social media these days that more Punjabis have wrapped the dead bodies of their children in the tricolors than others may not have seen. The attempt to destabilize Punjab is to rekindle the unrest there.

When Prime Minister Modi got stuck on a flyover for 15-20 minutes, he threatened his life. Said life was saved. Channi is answering that no one has come near. Didn’t throw pebbles. Nothing happened. then what is the risk of life,

There have been many genuine attacks on the Prime Ministers of India. Apart from Indira ji, Rajiv Gandhi lost his life. But with bravery. Without fear Nehru was attacked several times. With a knife in Nagpur. A woman once held her throat and asked what did I get from freedom, Nehru said the right and courage to hold the Prime Minister’s throat. Bhubaneswar, Indira Gandhi faced stone pelting in Orissa. A brick hit his nose. But she kept on giving speeches. The blood kept flowing. But despite the refusal by the security personnel, she reached Kolkata to participate in another program. Now Priyanka Gandhi has also mentioned this incident. The public stopped his car in the Naxalite area of ​​Bastar. They stopped. Firing took place at Rajghat on Rajiv Gandhi. Shoe was thrown at Manmohan Singh in Gujarat. Black flags were shown at the Golden Temple. How many incidents are there? But the Prime Minister was always unmoved. Truly no incident of fear or panic of the Indian Prime Minister is recorded anywhere in history.

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