Reaching SSP office, Imam told pain: Model wife threatens, will not get a beard cut, I will divorce…

Aligarh | Aligarh Imam Model Wife: A surprising case has come to light from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. A woman living in Aligarh has asked her husband to shave off his beard. The wife says that if you do not cut your beard, then I will divorce you. The wife says that he is a model and wants a husband without a beard. After listening to the wife’s words, the troubled Imam has complained against the wife to the SSP of Aligarh. Till the filing of this report, no complaint has been registered in writing in this matter.

Aligarh Imam Model Wife:

what to say husband

Aligarh Imam Model Wife: Imam, who came to the SSP to complain about his wife, said that he was married in June 2020. Imam said that his wife is now harassing him to cut his beard. Imam says that his wife has thought and she does modeling, I do not mind at all. I am an Imam in a religious place, I cannot get my beard cut. I have become very upset with my wife that’s why I have come here with a complaint.

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fights happen at home

Aligarh Imam Model Wife: Imam Saheb says that since marriage, his wife is continuously forcing him to cut his beard. He says that even in the house there are fights throughout the day. Imam says that I do not want to leave my wife but I want to stick to my religion. Imam, who reached the SSP office, could not meet the SSP, but he told his pain to other officers. After persuading them, the police officers sent them back home.

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