The act for the birth of Guacurarí and Day of the Flag of Misiones will be held during class hours on Tuesday 30

Official statement:

«11/30: Anniversary of the birth of Andrés Guacurarí y Artigas – Misiones Flag Day. Act Form 2

By virtue of the validity of Ministerial Resolution No. 26/21, Resolution CGE 1914/21, and the continuity of the sanitary and epidemiological emergency, the General Council of Education establishes that the act for the birth of Guacurarí and Day of the Bandera de Misiones, is carried out in Form 2, during class hours, on Tuesday, November 30.»

To boost tourism, the November 30 holiday for the birth of Andrés Guacurarí and Artigas will go to 29

Misiones will have another long weekend to promote tourism after the governor, Oscar Herrera Ahuad, decreed that the holiday on November 30, where the birth of Commander General Andrés Guacurarí y Artigas is commemorated, be advanced to Monday 29.

On November 30, the Provincial Civic Festival is sensed in commemoration of the anniversary of the birth of the General Commander, Andrés Guacurarí and Artigas, Missionary Prócer, for which the governor, Oscar Herrera Ahuad, decreed an administrative leave for the workers of the provincial public administration on November 29, that is, a day before, to get another long weekend in Misiones.

This Tuesday, Herrera Ahuad signed Decree 2232, with today’s date for the transfer of the holiday for the birth of Commander General Andrés Guacurarí y Artigas to November 29, where, in addition, the other powers of the State were invited, the Legislative and Judicial, in addition to the bodies of the Constitution such as the Court of Accounts, autarkic entities, banking institutions and national bodies based in Misiones, to adhere to the holiday.

During an act in Itacaruaré, where he enabled the fourth detachment of the Rural Police of Misiones, the provincial president confirmed that he had signed the decree and reiterated the invitation that the municipalities also join.

In addition, during his tour, Herrera Ahuad highlighted the tourist movement that was seen in Misiones during the long weekend and pondered that “the offer was extended to other municipalities in the province.”

On the other hand, Herrera Ahuad reiterated that the authorization of more border crossings in the province would be imminent, “once the administrative process is completed” in the Nation.

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