Reduced cases due to less testing!

New Delhi. The rate of infection is increasing rapidly in the third wave of corona virus, but due to less sample testing on Sunday, there was a slight decrease in the number of infected on Monday. Barring one or two states, everywhere else the number of patients on Monday was less than on Sunday. In the capital Delhi, the number of patients found in 24 hours was 19,166, while the infection rate was 25 percent. This means that the report of every fourth person in Delhi is coming positive. The number of patients found in Delhi on Monday is much less than 22,751 a day earlier. But this is because testing has reduced. 17 patients died in Delhi for the second consecutive day.

Similarly, a total of 33,470 new cases were found in Maharashtra on Monday, which is much less than Sunday’s 44,388. In the most infected state of the country, the number of patients decreased by more than 10 thousand in a day. This has not happened because of the lockdown, but because of the reduction in testing. Eight people also died in the state. State capital Mumbai also received 13,648 patients on Monday, while 19,474 new cases were found on Sunday. Usually the number of cases is less on Monday, which increases a lot on Tuesday. Nevertheless, by the time the news was written, the total number of infected had reached close to one and a half lakhs.

In the election state of Punjab, 3,969 new cases have been found and seven people have died. In Gujarat, 6,097 patients were found on Monday, while 6,275 patients were found on Sunday. On Monday, 4,737 patients were found in Bihar. In West Bengal, 19,286 patients were found in 24 hours and 16 people died. A day earlier on Sunday, 24,287 patients were found in the state. 11,698 new patients were found in Karnataka, compared to a day before 12 thousand new cases were found on Sunday.

On Monday, 13,990 new patients were found in Tamil Nadu and 11 people died. A day earlier, 12,895 patients were found in the state. On Monday, 5,797 new infections were found in Kerala and 19 people died. A day before this, 6,238 new cases were found on Sunday and 30 patients died. 706 new cases were found in Jammu and Kashmir on Monday. Despite the relatively small number of corona infected, active cases increased by more than one lakh for the fourth consecutive day on Monday. The number of active cases in the country has increased to eight lakh.

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