Serious complaint by referee Darío Herrera against Lautaro Acosta, Lanús player

Darío Herrera, the referee of the match that Racing beat Lanús on Monday night in Avellaneda, filed a complaint against the Granate striker Lautaro Acosta for intimidating phrases that he described as threatening.

According to what the judge of the match that was played on the 23rd date of the Professional Football League reported, the event would have occurred at the end of the match, when the player would have approached the locker room to verbally and physically attack him.

What Lautaro Acosta said to Darío Herrera, according to the complaint filed by the arbitrator

According to what is stated in the official document, the player, angered by the decisions that the referee made during the match, told him: “I’m going to screw you up, you’re a superb shit, you’re corrupt. You’re in the fuck, if you lead us one more time I’m going to kill you ”.

Darío Herrera also stated that after launching that accusation, Laucha wanted to “to pounce with the intention of physically attacking, for which the security personnel of the visiting and local club intervened and at the same time by the collaborators of the refereeing team ”.

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