Share memories related to the pallu of mother’s saree with Anupam Kher, know what the actor said in the video

Veteran actor Anupam Kher shared a video on social media today telling the importance of the pallu of a mother’s sari and how it was used. He wrote with the video on social media site Ku that how many of you have used mother’s pallu in childhood at some point or the other? Be sure to tell! Mother’s pallu was an important link between mother and children. How many memories are associated with it! It’s still my protective shield! Share your mother’s name with me. Glory be to mother!

In the video, actor Anupam Kher is saying that I am from a small town. What was the use of the pallu of the mother’s sari in small towns? Just listen to this! Perhaps the hearts of some of you may be touched, in fact, the talk of mother’s pallu was unique. The mother’s pallu was used to wipe the sweat and tears of the children, but after eating the food, it was a pleasure to clean the mouth with the mother’s pallu. Sometimes, when there was pain in the eyes, the mother used to make a ball of her sari pallu and apply it on the eyes after blowing it hot, then the pain did not know at the same time where it used to touch the flight.

When the children had to go out, hold the pallu of the mother’s sari, who will need the fucking Google Map. As long as the child held the mother’s pallu in his hand, it seemed as if the whole universe was in the child’s grasp. The mother’s pallu used to hit in the cold and cool in the summer. Very often the work of the mother’s pallu was also used to bring pears, apples and flowers that fell from the trees. Paddy, paddy prasad also used to be collected in the mother’s pallu. The mother used to keep a moving bank with her by putting a knot in the pallu.

If you were lucky, you would have got some money from that bank. Many times I have seen mother laughing, blushing and sometimes crying in her pallu. I don’t think anyone will ever be able to find an alternative or alternative to the mother’s pallu. Actually the mother’s pallu used to bring a magical feeling of its own. Whether or not today’s generation understands the importance of mother’s pallu, but I am sure that many of you will miss mother’s and mother’s pallu after hearing all this. Let’s call our mother, mother.

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