Strange: For 4 years, this woman drinks her urine 5 times a day, in eyes and ears too…

New Delhi | Urine Drinking Women : People eat and drink different things to fulfill their hobbies and keep the body hydrated. If we tell you that there is a woman who drinks her own urine 5 times a day, then you might not believe it. But this 53-year-old woman named Carrie, who lives in Colorado, claims that she has been doing this for the last 4 years. Carrie says that she is now used to drinking her own urine. Carrie says that she feels her urine tastes like some alcohol. He claimed this on TLC’s ‘My Strange Addiction’. He said that drinking hot urea is more beneficial, it gives them a very good feeling.

Urine Drinking Women :

depends on diet

Urine Drinking Women : Carey says that the smell of urine depends on the eating habits and diet. He says that the taste of his urine has changed a lot in the last 4 years. But he likes slightly salty urine because it smells like alcohol. Carrie says that there are many such things which we consider bad but they are beneficial for us, urine is one of them. Carey says that this is a traditional medicine and it is called urine therapy.

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Puts urea in hair and eyes too

Urine Drinking Women : Carrie is not only used to drinking urine but also uses urine in her hair. They say that it is like a lotion, applying it and bathing brings a glow on the body. Not only this, by collecting the carry urine, its droplets also put in their eyes and ears. He says that this is of great benefit. However, Carrie’s daughter does not like this habit of hers at all and she considers him to be a mental patient.

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