Taapsee Pannu said big talk about Shahrukh, I want to spend time with Shahrukh behind the camera

Taapsee Pannu will be seen in Rajkumar Hirani’s Falam Dunki as Shah Rukh Khan’s leading lady. For a long time there were reports that Shahrukh and Hirani are going to collab and the heroine of this film will be Taapsee Pannu. Taapsee was questioned about this but then she flatly denied that she has not been cast in the film. But ever since the official announcement of the film, Taapsee has been doing her dil ki baat and her happiness with different leading sites and big news channels.

Now Taapsee has revealed one of her secret desires about Shahrukh. He has told what he likes to work with Shahrukh Khan more than shoot. Actually, there are reports that the shooting of the film is going to start soon and then every day for 40 days, Taapsee and Shahrukh have to shoot on the sets in Mumbai. After that, there will be a shoot in Punjab, thinking about which Taapsee is very happy.

Because like every other star, Taapsee is also enamored of Shah Rukh’s charm, talent and his humour. Let us tell you what Taapsee said while talking about working with Shahrukh for the first time. Taapsee said, “With Shahrukh sir I am most anxious to spend that time with him off screen. Where I can sit and talk with them comfortably. Because I love his personality beyond his movies.

The humor that he has and the honesty with which he tells his experiences. I want to hear those experiences. Which he has faced in those years, due to which he has made all this today and has reached this point. Taapsee did not stop there, but she said that “I have no shame in me that I did not know that anything bigger could happen to me than this.

I was never talking about it or announcing it because I thought there was going to be a mess. Taapsee Pannu said that 10-12 years ago sitting in Delhi could not even think of such charisma. Well, how eagerly Taapsee Pannu was waiting for the seven working moment of Shahrukh and Hirani, it was revealed to everyone on the same day when Shahrukh announced the film by sharing the video.

Taapsee expressed her wait to work with SRK and her curiosity about the project in two posts. In such a situation, when both of them come together on screen, the real fun will be to see the pair of both of them. As of now, Shahrukh’s character has also not been told from the film.

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