Tacurú Social Club is already part of the Posadeña Soccer League

Within the framework of the last assembly of the posadeña soccer league, among other issues, the incorporation of the Tacurú Club to said league was discussed. The motion was approved by the LPF commission and as of last week the Tacurú Social Club formally became the 27th institution of clubs that make up this prestigious soccer institution.

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The Tacurú Social Club with more than 70 years, began as exclusively a golf club and over the years it has incorporated other disciplines such as Rugby and hockey, sports in which it grew suddenly and has stood out over the years. years just like in golf.

As of 2019, football is incorporated with the 2005 category and a year later the 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 categories are incorporated with which 2022 will start.

Those interested in integrating any of these categories please call 3765-007592

From the club they expressed great satisfaction for their incorporation into the local soccer league.

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