Tamil Nadu: Children adopted Christianity, father gave property worth crores in the name of temple

Kanchipuram | Tamil Nadu Christianity Property : A shocking case has come to light from Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. It is said that a father evicted his sons from his will and donated his entire property to a temple. The reason behind this was that the children of the person had left Hinduism and adopted Christianity. He was so annoyed by this fact that he gave all his property in the temple and expelled the children by will. The person’s assets had a house worth Rs 2 crore and an FD of Rs 50 lakh. The name of this 85-year-old man has been described as Velayutham.

Tamil Nadu Christianity Property :

The father became angry when the child became a Christian

Tamil Nadu Christianity Property : Father Velayatham has been a Health Inspector in the Government of Tamil Nadu. Now living the life of a retired person and spends full time in worship. His family lived with him, but after a few days his family members started going to church. Gradually all the members of the family converted to Christianity. The children continuously started pressurizing the father to convert. When the father flatly refused to convert, the children even threatened to leave him. Angered, the father gave all his property in the name of the temple.

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All three children changed religion

Tamil Nadu Christianity Property : Velayatham had a total of 3 children and his wife died 8 years ago. There are 3 children, two girls and one son. All three of these children are married in Christianity. This means that both the son-in-law and the daughter-in-law belong to Christianity. This is the reason that the children of Velayatham gradually got inclined towards Christianity and now all have adopted Christianity. But being hurt by this, people are appreciating what the father did. Many leaders of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and RSS have described this decision of father Velayutham as a bold and protecting religion.

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