Tesla Supercharger EV brand now set to launch in India, first showroom set up in Mumbai

Tesla Inc. has been planning to enter the Indian market for some time now and if things go according to plan for the US-based EV brand, they will start operations in the country by early 2022. While Tesla founder Elon Musk made it. It has been officially stated on Twitter that they are starting operations in India soon. Still very little is known about the brand’s India plans. While he has got himself a corporate office in Mumbai. And with reports indicating them to set up their first showroom in Mumbai, no formal announcement has been made from either Tesla or Musk. In the last one or two years we have seen many Tesla cars entering India for homologation purposes. And now for the first time Tesla’s trademark Superchargers have been spotted in India. A picture of a Tesla Supercharger has surfaced online, which is being shared by ‘Tesla Club India’ on Twitter. It is expected that the supercharger is being imported to be installed at the brand’s first showroom in India. ( Tesla Supercharger)

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Tesla already working on V3 250kW charging stations

Tesla recently opened up its Superchargers to all vehicles and is believed to have V2 150 kW stations. Which get two plugs for charging. Type 2 and CCS2. While Tesla is already working on the V3 250kW charging stations, the V2 150kW charging stations are much faster than most of the fast chargers available in the country. For example, most DC fast chargers are either 50 kW or 64 kW in capacity. While these are fast enough to top-up the battery of small electric vehicles like the MG ZS EV or Tata Nexon in less than 1 hour, larger luxury cars with battery packs of up to 90 kWh can take longer to charge on these chargers. Seems like.

Tesla Model Y Launched in India (Tesla Supercharger)

Tesla is testing its Model 3 and Model Y in the Indian market, and we’re not sure which one will debut in the country. While Tesla Model 3 is the most affordable EV from the brand, it is the obvious choice, Indian market is SUV driven and most of the luxury brands prefer SUV EVs than sedan EVs. This makes the Tesla Model Y an option for launch in India. Tesla will launch the initial set of cars through the CBU route. But considering the low import duty and additional tax benefits on electric vehicles made in India, we may look at domestic assembly of the vehicles. Tesla earlier tried to get an exemption on the import duty of electric cars, but Nitin Gadkari said that only vehicles made in India will be given the tax duty benefit. (Tesla Supercharger)

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