The alleged girlfriend of the CO burnt the government car on the middle road, accused of blackmailing

Patna (Bakhtiarpur) On Saturday, a very shameful incident has come to the fore from Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s stronghold. In Bakhtiyarpur zone, a young woman has accused of having a physical relationship on the pretext of marriage for 8 years. The most shameful thing in this whole matter is that the woman on whom the allegations have been leveled is not a commoner but the Circle Officer (CO) of the same.

A girl from Bettiah has created a sensation by registering an FIR against the Circle Officer of Bakhtiyarpur zone, Raghuveer Prasad, for sexual abuse on the pretext of marriage in Bakhtiyarpur police station. In the written complaint given by the girl to the police, it has been alleged that when Raghuveer Prasad was the Circle Officer in Bettiah, she had become close to him. During this, at first the CO established a relationship with the father on a bluff and later one day suddenly called in the room, filled with vermilion in demand, made physical relations with him by increasing closeness.

The girl also claims that she opposed this act, but the CO silenced her by threatening to make the video viral. If the girl is to be believed, the CO has been having physical relations with her for the last 8 years by pretending to be an alleged husband. The girl also recorded the statement that whenever she asked the CO to adopt her relationship socially, he always kept her silent by abusing and beating her.

The dispute started on January 15 when suddenly a fire broke out in the vehicle of Bakhtiyarpur CO on SH-106 near SBI in the city area on Saturday evening. In the initial action, the CO wrote that the fire was caused by a short circuit, but after the disclosure of the girl, the CO accused the girl of Bettiarpur police of obstructing government work and burning her car.

On this, the girl says that she did not burn the car, but on January 15 last, CO Raghuveer Prasad called her from Bettiah to Bakhtiyarpur and went to the mall for shopping with her. The girl claimed that she did not start the fire and for this the police can check the CCTV camera there.

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