The students who recycle the most waste will be rewarded

The Municipality announced that the “Re-Creo, Recycling Schools” contest is back, an initiative that seeks to make children aware of the importance of recovering and recycling the waste that is generated. For the second consecutive year, 38 Municipal Schools participate in this program.

In addition to the visit of the students to the Municipal Recycling Centers, this initiative is launched, which has as an incentive that the winners of the contest can travel and obtain prizes, according to the number of tons that each school can recover.

The contest is aimed at 6th grade students from the 38 municipal schools. In those cases in which other grades want to get involved and participate, they can do so by helping the 6th grade students of their school, thus seeking to spread good practices related to the recovery of recyclable material to other children.

For two months, students must collect as much recyclable material as possible (paper, cardboard, plastic, etc.).

Four contests will be held throughout 2022 divided by zones and months:

• 1st Contest: South Zone, during the months of March and April

• 2nd Contest: North Zone during the months of May and June

• 3rd Contest: East Zone during the months of August and September

• 4th Contest: West Zone in the months of October – November

The recycled materials that are gathered in each school will be weighed on the scales owned by the EcoFem Green Center belonging to the COyS, where it will be recorded on a general form. Each week the directors will be informed of the weight corresponding to the material collected in their school, and a certificate will be issued for each weighing. Once the contest is over, the complete list will be published with the official results.

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The two schools that collect the most volume of material will win a free trip with a one-night stay in a destination proposed by the Directorate of Tourism, belonging to the Government Secretariat of the Municipality of Córdoba. In addition, for their participation in the contest, all schools will win a sports kit (balls, cones, pump, etc.) provided by the Undersecretary of Sports of the Government Secretariat of the Municipality of Córdoba.

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