There is no place for arrogance and dogma in a democracy.

The memory power of parties and leaders may be weak, But the public keeps an account of everyone’s work. People know very well how to do milk of milk and water of water. She knows who are her real friends and who are fake! In a democracy, the foolishness of considering the public to be idiots, be it the ruling party or the opposition – is equally heavy on all.

There is no place for dogma in a democracy, Shouldn’t be either. Inertia and conflict are not the nature and nature of democracy. The basic spirit of democracy is to be constantly active and alert in the direction of agreement by dialogue and solution by agreement. On the holy day of Guru Purab, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the withdrawal of all three agricultural laws in a message to the nation and, showing great generosity, also apologized to the countrymen for failing to understand the usefulness of agricultural laws. He has assured the farmers to be honest and committed at the level of policies and decisions in future for the welfare of small farmers and MSP etc.

It is a welcome move by the government and the Prime Minister that they did not make agri-laws an issue of ego. It would also be against the democratic process and conventions to see this decision as a win-win for either side. Concerned about the interests and concerns of the public, A cautious and sensitive government cannot remain indifferent to their demands for long. To serve the larger interests, sometimes taking two steps back is also considered a practical policy. That big interest is to maintain national unity-integrity and social harmony at all costs. The way the anti-national forces were trying to hurt national unity and integrity under the guise of agrarian laws, Support and funds were being raised from outside the country, The social fabric was being ravaged, In such a situation, the only option left with the government was to take it back. Not only sources of intelligence, but tool-kit case, The activism of Khalistanis and the reactions of leaders and famous personalities of some other countries including neighboring China-Pakistan were giving a clear and clear indication of the conspiracy behind the scenes.

This decision of the government has ruined the plans of all anti-national forces including Khalistanis. Anyway, these laws were under consideration in the Supreme Court., The government had also postponed it for the next two years., She was also taking a flexible stance on amending it after talking to the farmers. That is, these laws were not even legally active and effective. Therefore, withdraw it until a consensus is reached or the farmers, With the help of state governments and agricultural experts, it will be made more effective., Making transparent and effective decisions wiser and wiser will be called more, The victory or defeat of the government or the opposition is less.

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It is noteworthy that the government has continuously increased the minimum support price., Has increased the purchase of their products from farmers at remunerative prices, Rather, there has been an almost double price increase on pulses and oilseeds products. The government has given priority to the interests and concerns of farmers in its policy decisions and policies and has assured to give top priority in future also. After his decision and stand, the opposition parties and agitating farmer-leaders and organizations should also stop politics by showing understanding and generosity and withdraw their movement. They must remember that this country never learned the grammar of anarchy and never repeated the lessons of violence, Taking roads and public places hostage, The tendency-nature to hijack the capital eventually turns democracy into anarchy.

To become more disorderly-chaotic by considering such a decision as a defeat or weakness of the government, come up with new demands, Will undermine every legitimate and democratic demand. Will blunt the concern and sensitivity of the government. Will prevent the voice of the people from reaching the system. It will tarnish the image of the country all over the world. Therefore, the farmers who have been busy for months on the roads of the capital, should immediately leave for their respective homes. They should abandon the tendency and strategy of creating new pressure on the government for other demands. They should condemn and criticize the mischievous and anti-national elements operating under the guise of peasant movement., They should be isolated by keeping them away from themselves. They should now openly condemn those who created ruckus on the Red Fort on 26 January 2020. If not then, now they should refuse to be considered a farmer. This will restore their credibility and credibility. by this ,Farmer, The identity and sanctity of the

It is an indisputable truth that real food donors can never insult the national flag. they say no, But the country recognizes some chaotic elements hidden in the guise of farmers. If the government has shown great generosity in apologizing to the countrymen for all three agricultural laws, then the farmers’ organizations and leaders leading the movement will also have to keep a big mind., show nobility, You have to come forward and take some responsibility. And it will be in line with and in accordance with the great democratic traditions of India. He is the greatest in a democracy who does not hesitate to admit his mistake., give up dogma, Let go of inertia and move on. Peasant leaders also have to accept that the direction of their movement has also deviated many times., Many times his movements created troubles for the countrymen., Mainly the daily life of Delhiites was disrupted due to them., Employment and business were affected in those areas.

Instead of adding fuel to the fire of agitation, opposition parties and leaders should think that they have governments in many states., their governments may come even further, Parties like Congress remained in power even at the center for a long time., Did they make concrete policies and plans to improve the condition of the farmers and increase their income?, If it were made, then why is the condition of the farmers the same?, Why are farmers committing suicide?, If it comes out, then it will go far, Whatever questions they are asking the present government, The same questions will be asked to them as well. The memory power of parties and leaders may be weak, But the public keeps an account of everyone’s work. People know very well how to do milk of milk and water of water. She knows who are her real friends and who are fake! In a democracy, the foolishness of considering the public to be idiots, be it the ruling party or the opposition – is equally heavy on all.

Shivam Bangwal

Shivam Bangwal is an India-based Entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Successful Startups like Youthistaan, People News Chronicle, Hitchhike TV & Branding Panther. Shivam has done his Master's in Computer Applications.

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