Tokyo will participate in the 2022 Federal Basketball Tournament: “We are very focused on making the project serious,” said the club president

Tokyo will participate in the Federal Tournament

After 18 years of management by Aníbal Velázquez, the institution begins a new era, that of Nicolás Fulquet, who has known the Tokyo club well for years. Also, the new president quickly began to work and reviewed the last season in which the oriental was the most winning team in the province. In this regard, he commented “as an institution we want to have a more dynamic relationship with members and welcome all those who want to join the club, basketball is a very beautiful discipline.”

As an institution, the club is in full growth and this year plans to expand the stands, improve the changing rooms, work in exclusive sectors for the press and put the auxiliary field in shape, among other projects. “We have a long process ahead of us like any project, but I am sure that with everyone’s help we will improve not year by year, but month by month as we have been doing,” he explained.

The balance of Tokyo in 2021

Tokyo will participate in the Federal Tournament
Tokyo will participate in the 2022 Federal Tournament.

“It was a year of transition, in which all the work done during the 2020 pandemic was reflected in the club, where we doubled the number of boys in training. We saw the possibility of flying the provincial championships where we were able to win first class both in the Provincial League and in the Association Tournament and in training we were able to become champions in U13 and U17 with serious work and betting on a very good coaching staff. Responsible and the most important thing is that he did not stop working in the club, from the transformation of the canteen, the hostel to different physical spaces such as the one that we are going to be inaugurating very soon, which is “La tiendita”.

He also added: “We are very proud of the qualitative and quantitative leap that women’s basketball took at the club, both from the minibasket school to the U17 and U19 categories. It is a process that started 3 years ago, we have started it with 6-7 girls and now we have between 50 and 60 and they were representing us in the best way in this first provincial training tournament and we are very happy and very proud with our players and we want to continue supporting them for their growth, so it was a very positive 2021 ”.

The projects for this new season

“From the professional point of view, to face this second consecutive season in the Federal tournament with the responsibility that characterized us last tournament, trying to improve not so much in sports, which is what one aspires to, but from the institutional and leadership aspects,” he said.

“This year we want to professionalize each of the areas, in a year that began atypical because the era of a new board of directors is beginning, which has professionals in all areas and activities, from doctors, lawyers, graphic designers and others. We are very focused on making the project serious and making it self-sustaining, for which we are grateful to the sponsors and we invite all companies that want to get closer to collaborating with the institution. So this year we seek to make a worthy tournament, but as an institution we will continue to grow in the world of professional basketball, “he added.

Preparations for the new tournament

“We are preparing for the Federal tournament with a young team, we decided from the committee to make an effort and bring players who are going to give us a hand to improve our campaign on time. Our goal is not based so much on sports, but on the growth of the team and the growth of our young players: Lucas Landi, Joaquín Sarquis, Genaro Cabrera, Imanol Flores, Gonzalo Santa Cruz and all the boys who are from the club’s quarry. that give an important leap to the institution. Which will ultimately be what they will continue to represent us every year. So beyond sports, we are looking for an institution to get all the tools so that these guys represent us in the best way ”.

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