Training and promotion of swimming is carried out in Misiones

The provincial Ministry of Sports, carried out a training and promotion of swimming in San Vicente, but will continue to carry out in different municipalities of Misiones in charge of Professor Gustavo “Colo” Breitenbruch, representatives of the Missionary Swimming Federation.


The “Colo”, spoke with Misiones Online to tell about this program for the Promotion and Development of Water Sports and told what the objectives are. “What I tell the teachers is that the Olympic swimmer of 2031 is in our hands right now, it can be one of those guys.”

In addition, he talked about how the boys who said present lived it on this occasion. “One is gratified to see the happy faces of the boys and one imagines their goals, their dreams. You can see the interest they put into it when they dream of being a great athlete”.

These trainings also have the presence of federated swimmers, who were the ones who were on the other side one day and today can tell those boys how their experience was. “They attract the attention of these boys, because they tell what life is like as a federated swimmer, the trips and competitions they have. They not only talk about the pool but also about studying, eating and resting, which is very important,” said Breitenbruch.

As for the missionary swimming, the “Colo” presaged a good omen. “Everywhere we go, we see great promise. At the national level, we are making the technical project for the year 2032, because two or three Olympic Games are always planned ahead”.

He also added, “the important thing is that we know how to guide them and lead them so that they learn well, how they have to learn and add the possibility that tomorrow they will be our Olympic representative.”

In this new year, the activity begins to develop as the weeks progress, as for the CAPRI club, the coach said that there are several planned. “We are full, there are swimmers who compete in open water this weekend, another group is going to the OTC anniversary tournament and others are preparing for the club’s provincial tournament on June 20 in Campo Grande. I have to go with Sebastián Méndez to the concentration of the swimmers selected for the ODESUR games on campus”.

Robin Herman

Robin Herman was an American writer and journalist. She was the first female sports journalist for The New York Times and People News Chronicle. Herman had a successful and eclectic career, ranging from sports writing to assistant dean of communications for Harvard school of Public Health.

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