Uttar Pradesh: For the inauguration of the road, the BJP MLA broke the coconut and the road was broken…

Bijnor. Uttar Pradesh BJP MLA : A case of corruption has come to light from Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh. Corruption in the Irrigation Department came to the fore when the MLAs arrived to inaugurate the newly constructed road. Bharatiya Janata Party MLA List Choudhary had reached to launch the road. The MLA was given to break the coconut to inaugurate the road. The coconut did not explode but the road definitely broke. Seeing the condition of the road, the MLA got angry and his supporters started creating ruckus on the spot. The supporters of the MLA sat on a dharna on the road itself and started demanding that the road be rebuilt.

Uttar Pradesh BJP MLA

PWD took sample of the road

Uttar Pradesh BJP MLA : Along with the MLA’s supporters, the MLA also sat on the dharna, after which the ruckus increased. Handling the situation, the PWD officers arrived and did a sampling of the road and then the MLA ended the dharna. It is being told that a 7 km long road is being built on the canal track by the Irrigation Division at a cost of 1 crore 16 lakhs. The MLA had arrived to inaugurate this. After which it was to be inaugurated by breaking the coconut. But the road broke and the MLA got angry seeing this.

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DM prepared investigation team

Uttar Pradesh BJP MLA : There was a stir in the Bijnor administration due to the legislature sitting on the dharna. On the spot, the DM of Bijnor immediately constituted an investigation team. Therefore, after the DM assured the MLA’s course that no negligence can be done in the construction work. After which the legislature ended the dharna but made allegations of corruption against the officials of the Irrigation Department.

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