Viral Video: Asked the supporter to tell the work of Modi! Said 319, no 320, no 302 removed from Kashmir

Have not seen such ‘Bhakti’ in the world, as it is in the name of ‘Modi’. There is nothing above Modi ji for Modi supporters. The extent of support is that whether the government does or does not do anything, the vote will go to them every year. Whether these supporters do not have a stove to burn or pulses to eat, but every year as soon as elections come, Modi goes out on the streets with the flag in hand.

But if the four achievements of the Modi government are asked from the ‘supporters’, then their tongue starts faltering. They question the successes of the Modi government, they start counting the failures of the previous governments. Like the Modi government, these people also do not like to talk on facts and figures. He himself makes the figures of the achievements of the government and according to those figures, tells the government to be a successful government.

The video of one such ‘supporter’ is becoming very viral on social media. In these videos, the reporter asks that if Yogi is talking about forming the government, will the rising price of petrol not affect him? To which the answer comes that “even if the price of petrol doubles, it will not make any difference”. Let us tell you that now petrol is above ₹ 100 liter i.e. even if petrol becomes ₹ 200 liter, then there will be no effect on them. The reporter is seen in the video even before saying anything, the person says that there is no problem with the increase in the price of petrol and there are many other facilities which we have got.

Watch the video:

On which the report asks about the facilities that they have got, even on that the person says that the economy is going very far, on this the reporter says that the figures show that the condition of the economy is getting worse, so But the person does not say, “No, according to our figures, it has not deteriorated”.

After this the reporter asks the person to count 4 achievements of the government on which he first mentions triple talaq and then falteringly says section 319,320 and finally 302, though he was referring to article 370. Now you understand that the person who does not even know the name of the section, is going to vote for the next government on the basis of this. That is the miracle of blind devotion.

One thing is clearly understood from this viral video that even today people do not vote on the basis of work or achievements of the government in the country, but on the basis of religion, caste and electoral face.

Modi supporters in the country have reached such an extent that if you say something against Modi ji, then you are directly called anti-national. If you mention the failures of the Modi government, these people say that you do not have patriotism, you do not have patriotism. If you have raised any question on the Modi government by mistake, then those questions consider it directly against the country.

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