What is meant by defection law

Assembly elections will be held in Goa in the next three months but till now 2019 No decision has been taken on the issue of defection. July 2019 of Congress party in 10 The MLAs had left the party and joined the BJP. At that time the Congress had complained to the Speaker under the anti-defection law, but the Speaker has been sitting on this matter suppressing it for the last two and a half years. Now it is going to be heard but now what will be the meaning of any decision, When will the elections start in the state. defection law goa election

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Similarly, after the breakup of Babulal Marandi’s party in Jharkhand, the matter of Marandi himself going to the BJP and two MLAs to the Congress has been stuck for more than one and a half years. In West Bengal, the case of many MPs and many MLAs is pending. Now the Congress party is broken in Meghalaya. Congress 17 out of 12 The MLAs switched parties and went to the BJP. Congress has complained about it under the anti-defection law, but it is decided that no action will be taken on this complaint. The matter will be pending for years and after that elections will be held. s / o, The parties and politicians seem to have made the anti-defection law irrelevant.

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