ZDF sports reporter Wolf-Dieter Poschmann is dead

  • The ZDF sports reporter Wolf-Dieter Poschmann is dead.
  • Poschmann, who had been the presenter of the “Sportstudio” for many years, died after a short, serious illness.
  • Poschmann was 70 years old.

Grieving for the notable ZDF sports moderator Wolf-Dieter Poschmann: The long-lasting chief and later boss correspondent of the ZDF primary games division passed on last Friday at 70 years old get-togethers short, genuine disease, as his telecaster declared.

“Wolf-Dieter Poschmann passed on numerous extraordinary donning minutes to ZDF watchers in a clear, able and energetic way for the competitors’ exhibition. For over 30 years he was one of the characterizing countenances and one of the vital voices of many games programs in the Second “, ZDF supervisor in-boss Peter Frey is cited in a message.

For quite a long time, Poschmann was important for the customary ZDF line-up at significant occasions like the Olympic Games, World Cup and European Championships, and World Championships and Athletics Championships. He was most popular as the mediator of the “Current Sports Studio”. From 1994 to 2011, the previous center and marathon runner ran multiple times through the TV exemplary.

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Poschmann ended his career after the 2016 Olympic Games

He first came to ZDF in 1986 through an internship and then became a freelancer in the main sports department. Two years after his permanent position, Poschmann moved to the post of sports director. He had to hand this over in 2005. This was justified with the necessary separation of administrative and journalistic tasks.

Poschmann turned into a games correspondent. He finished his vocation after the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Goodbye to retirement was simple for him. “The detailing overall has gotten more splendid, smoother and less questionable, condemned Poschmann at that point. “I don’t think that its hard to give up.”

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