Fatal explosion in Leverkusen: chemical reaction of the waste suspected

  • Seven people were killed in a serious explosion in Chempark Leverkusen.
  • Now there are concrete indications of the cause of the accident.
  • A chemical reaction of the waste could have been the trigger.

The serious blast in the Leverkusen risky waste burning plant with seven dead might have been set off by a compound response of the waste. As indicated by the Cologne District Government, a first between time report by a specialist shows that a compound response of the loss with expanding temperature has likely prompted a quickly expanding overpressure in the capacity tank. Regardless of the security frameworks of the tank, this overpressure could presently don’t be diminished. The blasting of the tank was then presumably followed by a start of the blast cloud and subsequently the resulting fire.

Before definite ends can be drawn from the occasion and the outcomes thereof, further examinations by the master would need to be anticipated, as indicated by an assertion from the region government on Monday. She had requested a security check. The Chempark administrator Currenta then, at that point appointed a specialist to decide the reason for the fire and blast. When and in what structure the break report can be distributed is right now being explained with the public examiner due to the continuous procedures and with Currenta as to exchange and business privileged insights.

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Seven people were killed in the explosion in Leverkusen on July 27th. 31 people suffered some serious injuries. The public prosecutor’s office in Cologne has initiated an investigation against unknown persons on suspicion of negligent homicide and negligent causing of an explosion. She wants to find out whether human errors have led to the disaster.

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