250 Hindu pilgrims will go to Pakistan, to promote religious tourism is celebrated in Pakistan, now Diwali is also…

Islamabad | Pakistan Hindu pilgrimages: There are often reports about persecution of minorities in Pakistan. In such a situation, the Pakistan Hindu Council (PHC) has invited 250 Hindu groups to promote religious tourism in Pakistan. They have been invited for pilgrimage to Pakistan. A report in the newspaper Dawn there said that these groups would go to the ‘samadhi’ site of Paramhans Maharaj, who was a saint. Paramhans Maharaj died in Teri village of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa of Karak district in Pakistan.

Pakistan Hindu pilgrimages:

Pilgrims will also reach from India, America and Arabia

Pakistan Hindu pilgrimages: PHC patron Ramesh Kumar Vankwani said Hindu pilgrims from India, the United Arab Emirates and the US will reach Peshawar on January 1 to visit the ‘samadhi’ site. He has organized this program in coordination with Pakistan International Flight Service. Mr. Vankwani said that this is the second time that the council has invited Hindu pilgrims from other countries to see for themselves the existence of a tolerant and pluralistic society in Pakistan.

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Diwali was celebrated to show solidarity

Pakistan Hindu pilgrimages: Let us inform that last month 54 Hindus from India, Canada, Singapore, Australia and Spain had visited Pakistan. It was led by the fifth successor of Paramhansji Maharaj, Shri Satguruji Maharaj. Pakistan’s Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed last month celebrated Diwali at Teri Temple to show solidarity with the locals of the Hindu community and welcome pilgrims from other parts of the country.

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