Aashiqui girl Anu Agarwal’s life has become like this, once there were millions of crazy people

Anu Agarwal: The very beautiful famous Bollywood and TV actress Anu Agarwal, who was identified with the new superhit film Aashiqui in the 90s, has celebrated her 53rd (Anu Agarwal) birthday 3 days ago i.e. on January 11, due to her brilliant acting and beautiful looks. We will tell you how the heroine of Aashiqui (Anu Agarwal), known for her life, is living today.

Although it is a matter of luck to get a film in Bollywood and it becomes a super hit, but maintaining the same duration after getting a film in Bollywood is a bigger thing than that, it is a matter of those days when Aashiqui was released, then this actress became quite famous. But this success did not stay with her for long and one such incident completely removed the actress from Bollywood and Limelight.

And then in the year 1999, such an incident happened with Anu Aggarwal, which completely ended the life of the actress. Anu Agarwal was a victim of a road accident, after which she lost her memory and she became paralyzed forever for 1 month after the accident. The actress was not in a coma and was treated for 3 years, although today her condition is fine, but due to age, her beauty has faded.

After the treatment, Anu has completely changed her life, she donated her entire property and she has become a yoga exercise teacher, she has given all her property to the poor and orphan children living in the slum.

Actress Limelight for Film has become so far away from the world that she has moved out of Mumbai and started living in Bihar and is seen very active on social media these days.

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