After the violent claim, Soledad Acuña assured: “The teachers are doing the escrache”

The Minister of Education of the City spoke again about the violent episode in which teachers from a Villa Soldati school rebuked officials and held them responsible for the death by Covid of 35 colleagues

Today, the Minister of Education of the City, Soledad Acuña, again alluded to the vicious scene that happened in a school in Villa Soldati when three instructors reprimanded the neighborhood government experts for the actions taken with regards to the pandemic to retake the presence in the Buenos Aires schools. “It is simply the instructors who negate themselves in their talk. They are doing the escrache, ” said the authority while guarding her disposition of unveiling the transmission of the video of the vicious assault.

“On a similar Friday, I taught that the rundowns against these instructors be begun. It doesn’t make any difference in the event that you defy yourself along these lines. Instructing to show isn’t equivalent to giving this model, “Acuña included a discourse with radio Urbana Play. Furthermore, he proceeded: “That load of educators chose to have that disposition in their place and plan for getting work done, practicing their assignment with their uniform. They chose to do it with absolute exemption and opportunity ” .

“This gathering of instructors chose to make that reprimanding and yelling before the actual understudies, disavowing the public authority’s schooling strategy,” she additionally included this respect and after that she commented that she chose to spread what happened so it would be perceived as a directive for the remainder of educators and society.

“I comprehended that it was a method of giving a sign and not exclusively to the remainder of the educators. It isn’t what we need in government funded schools. Government-funded training protects itself by setting a model and regarding the overalls and the understudies, “said Acuña regarding the video, wherein no less than two instructors are seen who, pointing a finger at the instructive specialists, including the Director-General of Schools they yell: “He left a ton of children without instruction by political choice. 35 dead colleagues [between instructors and non-teachers]. We have companions covered by your choice. They never thought often about state-funded instruction. He is a liar “.

The whole scene of brutality occurred while a gathering of understudies saw the occasions intently. “At no time did the specialists yell. They remained as yet, tuning in, “said Acuña and said that this second was” an equipped scene “since minutes prior similar instructors had been visiting the establishment with the public authority specialists.

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Similarly, the laborers of the instructive framework, in the recording, demanded the obligation of the experts in the passing of their associates due, in the most natural-sounding way for them, to “this criminal presence. “

“It is hard to tell in each circumstance whether individuals who passed on got the Covid at the everyday schedule home. The proof showed us that contamination rates in schools never expanded; despite what might be expected, they stayed low even in the tops in the remainder of the City “, the clergyman shut.

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