Juventus turned it around and now beats Spezia

He has not won four games and is in the relegation zone. From 1:30 p.m. on ESPN2.

Juventus plays from 13.30 against Spezia, as a visitor, for the fifth day of Serie A. The match is televised on the ESPN 2 signal.

Paulo Dybala is a starter for Allegri, who has been four games without victories and is currently in the relegation zone.

The first half was 1 to 1. Kean opened the account for Juventus, while Gyasi tied it just five minutes later.

At the beginning of the complement, a lethal counter from Antiste determined the 2 to 1 partial for the locals. The visitors’ reaction came, first by a great goal from Chiesa and then De Ligt at the exit of a corner kick.

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