Audience will also get to see Ranbir-Alia’s romantic songs in ‘Brahmastra’: Pritam Chakraborty

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Pritam Da is a well-known personality in the world of music. Composer, Vadha Yantra, Guitar player, Singer as well as Pritam Da has given birth to the very best music by mixing Western Music with Classical Indian Music. Pritam Da, also known as the king of music by composing in Dhoom and many other films, has recently attained heights by giving very serious music in the film ’83’. Even further “Brahmastra” Ranbir Kapoor starrer Alia Bhatt film remained in the news for a few years and recently a poster of this film has been released. The magic of Pritam da’s music will also be seen in this film. The film is also in talks with Salman Khan and due to Kovid, he has also signed many films.

movie 83 It is a critically acclaimed film but the film was unable to make its mark at the box office. Whats the reason?

Actually the film is very good and is not really struggling at the box office. The success of this film was not as expected. Just because of all this, it has happened only because of Pandemic. Due to this virus, only 50 percent of the people can enter the cinema hall, one is the same reason and other people are not coming to the theater even due to some disease.

cricket movie 83 How did you create the music for?

All the countrymen are associated with the cricket match of 83. I still remember how I used to listen to commentary on the radio. I was traveling from Delhi to Mumbai when director Kabir Khan gave me the script to read. And when I read the script on the flight, my tears could not stop. The script is very emotional. I have always been a fan of Kapil Dev. However, I am not much interested in cricket. When you read the script, you get a basic idea. I must have read the script about 7 or 8 times and I felt that there is no scope of songs and music in this script. He wanted an emotional theme and we have also kept a humming theme in the background score. Jeetega- Jeetega made music only after the next scene. And after seeing a child come with a flag, we made “Lahrate-Lahrate”.

83 about your cricket What memories are associated with

I had severe typhoid at that time. So I was at home. There was TV in only one house in our street and we all used to gather and enjoy cricket. I used to listen to matches on the radio. And while I was reading this script and making music, every word of that time echoed in my ear. I was feeling very emotional.

Tell us something about your upcoming films?

Yes, during the lockdown, I got offers for so many films that I agreed to all. So now there are a lot of movies but I will not be able to talk about them all right now. I can only say a little bit about Brahmastra.

After thinking about something, he said, “Brahmastra is a very large scale film. As the content in this film is there so the songs are very less. But it was a lot of fun scoring the background. This film is very special. In this, very uniqueness related to Hindutva will be seen. The audience will also get information about Hindutva and its civilization. I have started the background music of this film.

In this film, the audience will get to see Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt doing a romantic song?

Yes, you will definitely get to see a light romantic song between Ranbir and Alia? This song is also yet to be shot. The music flavor in this film will be very different. I can’t tell much. It is only that you will definitely get to hear a glimpse of Hindutva and its culture.

Are you doing something under the production of Salman Khan?

Yes, the work is going on now. I will be able to talk about it only after one time there is an announcement from their side.

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