Birthday Special: Director took advantage of Reena Roy’s compulsion, got everything done which no actress wanted to do

Bollywood’s beautiful and best actress Reena Roy is celebrating her 65th birthday today. Reena Roy is one such actress of Bollywood who gave tough competition to the top heroines of that era in the 70s. On the strength of her beauty and brilliant acting, she gave many hits and managed to make her special place in the hearts of the people.

Reena Roy did films with most of the big actors of Bollywood. With increasing age, Reena Rai made a distance from films and now she has no relation to the film world far and wide, but sometimes she is seen in some events. So today on the occasion of his birthday, we tell you some interesting things related to his life….

Reena Roy made her debut in the film world with the 1972 film ‘Zeroot’. Reena Roy had to struggle a lot to enter the film industry. There was a time when Reena Roy was in great need of work. In such a situation, Reena was ready to do every big and small role. In such a situation, a director took advantage of Reena Roy’s compulsion.

Reena Roy was caught in the director’s trick due to her need. Actually, when Reena Roy was wandering in search of films to get entry in Bollywood. During that time Reena got a film but the bold and semi-nude scenes of that film blew Reena Roy’s senses.

This was his first film ‘Zoorat’. The title and story of the film was similar to the original story of Reena Roy. Just as the lead character in the film was looking for money, job and fame, in the same way Reena Roy also had a dream in real life.

– Reena Roy neither had any godfather in the film industry nor was there anyone in her family, due to which she would get the best films. In compulsion, Reena Roy had to prepare for this film. In the beginning of her career, Reena Roy acted in many B grade films.

The producer-director of the film took advantage of this compulsion of Reena Roy and got her hot and bold scenes done. At that time, as Reena Roy gave bold and nude scenes in the debut film, no top heroine of that era could have imagined even in her dreams.

Today, Reena Roy herself must have regretted doing this film. Perhaps she would not even see it because leaving her shame behind, Reena Roy did all that no other heroine would do for the film on the demand of the makers. Despite the intimate and bold scenes, this film of Reena Roy was not liked by the audience.

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