BJP furious over children’s jokes, said “make fun of PM” show off air

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Tamil Nadu has written a letter to “Zee Tamil” alleging that two contestants in a kids reality show named ‘Junior Super Stars Season 4’, through a skit, scolded Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Attempts have been made to defame him.

CTR Nirmal Kumar, state president of BJP’s IT and social media cell in Tamil Nadu, wrote in the letter that the skit “made fun of the PM” and demanded that Zee take Tamil off air at the earliest. In its notice addressed to the Managing Director of Zee Entertainment on Monday, January 17, MIB requested to respond to the complaint within seven days and said that failure to do so would result in further action.

Kumar wrote in his letter, “Scarcer comments were made about demonetisation, his diplomatic visits to different countries, PM’s clothes and disinvestment. It is also impossible for a child under the age of 10 to understand what it really means. But, in the name of comedy, these subjects were forcibly imposed on the children.

They say that it is completely due to the negligence of the channel and even after the broadcast of the show, the channel did not make any effort to rectify it. There are children presenting and they go on doing what they are told to get ahead of the children with them, in such a situation it is not the fault of the children but channel their entire program accountable and responsible too.

In the skit performed by the children, the Tamil historical film Imasai Arasan 23M Pulikesi has been copied. In that film, Tamil comedy actor Vadivelu plays the role of Scindia, a king controlled by the British, who is portrayed as vain, foolish and imprisoning people. Despite the poverty and famine in the country, the emperor lives the life of glory in the film. In the skit that is reportedly mocking the PM, children are seen narrating the story of this king, who tried to lock down currencies to eliminate black money, but failed in the process.

Children also say that the ruler does not get any recognition from the people of the southern part of the country, he often travels abroad, and wears jackets of different colours. The performance was met with applause from the audience and the panel of judges including actors Sneha and Mirchi Senthil.

In the show, the child dressed as the emperor asks what is hindering the prosperity of his country. They argue that this is black money and if all the money is demonetised, then black money will end. The second child, disguised as a minister, says that a similar scenario happened in Scindia (a fictional kingdom), where “the king also acted as foolishly as you.” They say that instead of destroying black money, the ‘royal’ roam around wearing only different colored coats.

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