Congress wants to fill ‘Bhat’ in Uttar Pradesh, is ‘scolding’ its children in Rajasthan…

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New Delhi | Uttar Pradesh Election Congress: Priyanka Gandhi is making a flurry of promises regarding the assembly elections to be held in Uttar Pradesh. It is also true that for almost 3 decades, Congress has not been able to do anything in Uttar Pradesh. The last time the Congress government was formed in Uttar Pradesh under the leadership of ND Tiwari was in 1988.

One such promise Priyanka Gandhi has made is that if her government is formed in Uttar Pradesh, she will give jobs to the unemployed. Not only this, Priyanka Gandhi has also said that she will provide stability to the youth working under contract. All this sounds good to hear from the point of view of election promises. It is such that the Congress, doing these things, looks like a mother who prepares her neighbors by promising food to her children. Now you yourself are wiser, a mother whose own children are hungry, she never feeds others.

Mother does not keep her own children hungry

Uttar Pradesh Election Congress: Perhaps this is the reason why the Congress, which introduced Priyanka Gandhi as a form of Indira Gandhi, has made her in charge of the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. Initially Priyanka Gandhi had gained some popularity and she was also successful in connecting with women. With the passage of time, Priyanka Gandhi spent some more time in Uttar Pradesh. Now that the elections are approaching, Priyanka Gandhi has made a flurry of promises. Now these promises have become a problem for the Congress itself.

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Contract workers are performing

Uttar Pradesh Election Congress: Let us tell you that ever since Priyanka Gandhi’s statement, the problems of Congress have increased. The reason behind this is that some unemployed youth of Rajasthan have reached Uttar Pradesh and are demanding to make their contract job permanent.

It is also true that when there is a Congress government in the neighboring state and youth are working there on contract, then what is the belief that something like this is going to happen after the formation of the government in UP. The Congress is telling the protesting youths that they are working at the behest of the Bharatiya Janata Party. It may be true as well but the matter arises that why do such things which do not exist.

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