“Dady” Brieva, disappointed with the Government: “We went back to the fart”

The actor and humorist “Dady” Brieva was today dissatisfied with the management of Alberto Fernández, lamented the internship that the Frente de Todos is going through and stated: “We went back to the fart.”

In this context, the former member of the Midachi trio asked that in 2023 the current vice president Cristina Kirchner be the presidential candidate, considering that “she is the only guarantor that there can be results.”

Brieva assessed that Alberto Fernández today “leads with fear” and complained that “nobody wants to move anything so that the jenga does not fall” of the armed official.

“We promised that we were going to come back better and we went back to fart,” remarked the humorist who supports Kirchnerism, giving his opinion on the government’s current affairs.

In radio statements, he maintained: “As Peronists we did not comply. We were always the firefighters of history, we shot each other shit, but we knew how to put out the fire.”

“In times of emergency, we fulfilled history and went out and fed people,” recalled Brieva, who also used a football analogy when referring to Fernández.

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“It reminds me of those technical directors who direct with fear, who try not to blow the fuse, who do not risk, who go to the result, who ultimately do not play, which was what they did best,” he said.

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