Danger: 80% of the hospitalized patients are fully vaccinated…

New Delhi. Corona Case In Delhi : In the last few days, suddenly the graph of corona infection has increased rapidly. Especially in 5 states of the country, the situation is getting worse day by day. Meanwhile, another scary news has come out from Delhi, the capital of the country. It has been told that 80% of the patients who are getting admitted after infection at present in Delhi are those who are fully vaccinated. Although the matter of relief is that the condition of most of these patients is not critical but there is a need to reach the hospital. In Delhi’s Loknayak Hospital, 80% of the patients are those who took both doses of the corona vaccine. The remaining 20% ​​patients are those who have not taken the vaccine or have taken a single dose.

Corona Case In Delhi :

139 patients are currently admitted

Corona Case In Delhi : Giving information in this regard, Dr Suresh Kumar, Medical Director of Dhokla Hospital said that 139 patients are admitted at present. He said that 80% of these patients are those who have taken both the doses of waxing. He clearly said that the condition of the patients is not very bad but the symptoms have increased a bit, so they have to come to the hospital. He said that the condition of those taking single dose vaccine and those who did not take the vaccine is a bit worse.

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The death toll of the elderly is high

Corona Case In Delhi : A source from Loknayak Hospital said that the number of elderly people who have died due to corona so far is more. The source said that among them were also elderly people who already had some disease. However, it was also informed that some young patients are also being admitted who were having trouble in breathing. Let us tell you that the situation in the capital is such that in the last 10 days, beds are being filled at the rate of 1.5% to 2%.

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