Do not cowardly defend religion!

Actor and former MP of his party Paresh Rawal, close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, had a dialogue in the film that ,Religion makes a person a coward or a terrorist, is it really so, This sentence is fundamentally wrong in its preposition because the antonym of coward is not terrorist., Rather both are synonyms. The opposite word of coward is courageous and terrorists are not courageous. they are also scared people, Behind whom some invisible force works. that invisible force may be of religion, It can be of state power or it can be of some other person or thing. Others, It is not necessary that religion should always make a person a coward. Religion can also make courageous. Swami Vivekananda and Maharishi Aurobindo were made fearless by their religion. Mahatma Gandhi was also made courageous by his religion and he always believed that violence is also a kind of cowardice. Only a scared man commits violence.

So it is wrong to say that religion makes someone a coward or a terrorist. Yes, It is true that the forces using religion make people cowards or violent. Mahatma Gandhi did politics on the basis of the conduct of religion, so he made people fearless and gave them the courage to stand in front of the biggest empire of the world. But today’s power is using religion to scare people and that’s why scared people are turning violent. Speeches inciting violence or violence taking place in different parts of the country are being done because the state government has created fear among the people.

People have forgotten the eternal truth that Hindu religion was born and flourished on the strength of the sword, and it was not bowed down on the strength of the sword., could be deleted. this truth, non-violence, harmony, Love, Mercy, It has flourished and survived on the basis of basic human qualities like renunciation. If the continuity of Indian civilization has been maintained for millennia, then it has been possible only because of the basic qualities of Hinduism. The campaign which is going on to make Hinduism and its followers strong by destroying these basic qualities is ultimately hollowing the foundation of this great and Sanatan Dharma.

Speech given in the alleged religious parliament of Haridwar in the past, every human being, Shame on every Indian and every Hindu. Some Prabodhanand Giri has formed the Hindu Raksha Sena. think, What an irony that a hundred crore Hindus need some protection in their own country during the reign of the great Hindu Hriday Samrat! That Prabodhanand Giri has appealed for the caste annihilation of the Muslims. Giri said that ,our police like myanmar, our politicians, Soldiers and every Hindu should take up arms and conduct cleanliness drive, There’s no other way,, In the same alleged religious parliament, a sadhvi Annapurna said that ,kill them if you want to kill them, we need a hundred such warriors, which their 20 kill a million people,,

A program of taking oath to kill or kill Hindus to save their religion also took place in Delhi., In which the owner-editor of a channel was also involved. Not only this 25 On the occasion of Christmas on December, in many places, people of Hindu organizations went to the church to celebrate this holy festival of Christians., disrupted religious festivals. Stopped them from celebrating the festival and accused them of converting. A funny video of this is going viral on social media., in which some people ,santa claus dead,santa claus hi, Hi, And ,go back santa claus, They are seen shouting slogans. Can any civilized community expect such misery?,

The whole world has seen incidents of appeals for genocide of Muslims and obstructing the festival of Christians. Its videos have gone viral and depicted the world’s two largest population groups – Muslims and Christians., countries have arrived.

think, What kind of image of Hinduism or the nation state of India would be being created in the world by this?, what would you think of this country, Has anyone thought what would happen if Hindus were treated like this in those countries as well?, if America, What will happen if white Christians enter into the midst of Hindus celebrating Diwali-Chhath in Britain and Europe and do similar sabotage and violence?, Surprisingly, there has been no criticism of these incidents from the central or the respective state governments, nor have the leaders of the parties running the government in the center and Uttarakhand. So what is to be believed that such incidents have tacit support of all, Are these efforts to create hatred in the minds of Hindus for different religious communities doing good to the religion and the country or are the already existing faultlines ie cracks widening?, In the short run it can be taken political advantage but in the long run it will be very dangerous for both the country and the Hindu religion.

Therefore, as soon as possible, religious leaders and common citizens who understand the essence of Hinduism will have to stand up against it. before it is too late, It must be pointed out that such forces are neither representative of Hinduism nor the great cultural and civilizational beliefs of this country. Such forces are working to destroy the diversity and unity of India. To save both the country and the religion one has to be united against them. Politicians will continue to talk about identifying and distinguishing people by dress for their political gains., Will keep trying for division in the name of cremation-cemetery and Ali-Bajrang Bali, By making unnecessary laws to stop conversion and love jihad, we will continue to try to create a false sense of trust among Hindus, but the common pious Hindu should not fall into this illusion. He has to understand the real purpose of such talks and efforts and, Society and religion have to be saved.

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