Preparing to hold elections on time

It seems that both the Central Government and the Central Election Commission are preparing to hold elections on time. It is true that the fear of a third wave of corona virus has increased and the cases of the new variant Omicron are also increasing, but preparations are going on to hold elections in the midst of them. The Prime Minister has given very clear indications on two different occasions that elections will be held on time and whatever preparations have to be done for it will be done. Government strict covid-19 Protocol will also be implemented and vaccination will also be accelerated. The instructions to speed up the vaccination in the electoral states have been given only under the plan to hold elections on time.

The Prime Minister indicated this in a meeting with the officials on Thursday. He held a high-level meeting on Thursday to review the situation in Corona and the status of vaccination., In which instructions were given to increase the speed of vaccination. It is being told that the Prime Minister told the officials that vaccination should be done expeditiously in the election states. On the one hand, the Prime Minister gave this instruction to the officials of the Central Government and on the other hand the governments of the states are also engaged in the campaign to vaccinate more and more people. Keep in mind that no state government wants elections to be postponed.

Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Saturday night. Before that the news had come that the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) had 12 From 18 Emergency use of India’s indigenous Covaccine was approved for administering vaccine doses to adolescents up to the age of one year. Earlier, DCGI had also approved the Zydus Cadila vaccine to be used for adolescents. s / o, the prime minister 15 From 18 Announced to vaccinate children of one year and also said that health workers and frontline workers will be given precaution dose i.e. booster dose.

think, What does the sudden decision to introduce booster doses to frontline workers mean?, Was this decision not taken so that the election staff and security forces would get booster dose before the election?, Keep in mind that two days ago there was news that there would be a trial of booster dose in India. It will be tried on three thousand people and after its study, the decision will be taken on the basis of scientific facts. But two days after the news of the start of the trial, the announcement of the booster dose was made. This decision was taken only to hold elections on time. In his address, the Prime Minister asked the people to avoid rumours, even then he was referring to the rumors of postponing the election.

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