Farmers’ issues have to be resolved.

Apart from India, Farmers’ Day is also celebrated in other countries. In the United States, Farmer’s Day is celebrated on 12 October. It is celebrated throughout American history to pay tribute to all farmers. National Farmers Day in Ghana is celebrated on the first Friday of December as an annual festival of farmers and fishermen.

farmers’ welfare, The birth anniversary of former Prime Minister of India, Chaudhary Charan Singh, dedicated to the cause of upliftment, is dedicated to all the food donors of the country., And in his memory, National Farmers Day is celebrated every year in India on 23rd December, his birthday. Chaudhary Charan Singh was a well-known leader of the farmers., Due to whose tireless efforts, the Zamindari Abolition Bill could be passed in the year 1952. Chaudhary Charan Singh did a lot of work on land reforms. As the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and as the Finance Minister at the Centre, he, The budget was prepared keeping the rural and farmers in priority. According to him, the farmer is at the center of agriculture., Therefore, farmers should be treated with gratitude and they must be rewarded for their labor. Farmers are special helpers in the progress of the country. is a farmer, On the strength of which the country can enrich the prosperity of its food grains.

It is noteworthy that Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi had also considered farmers as the ruler of the country in his writings., But in the interest of farmers in the country after the partition of India, There is only a lack of politicians acting impartially in the progress of agriculture. Those who worked for the farmers in India called independent, Former Prime Minister of the country, Chaudhary Charan Singh, is the foremost among the leaders who made the policy to uplift the farmers and the poor. Charan Singh is remembered even today for doing wonderful work for the development of agriculture and farmers. The thinking and policy of Chaudhary Charan Singh, farmers, was to raise the poor, And he proved by his works that the country cannot develop without making the farmers happy. While emphasizing on agriculture for the prosperity of the farmers, Chaudhary Charan Singh had made serious efforts to ensure that the farmers could get a fair price for their produce. He said that the complete development of India would happen only when farmers, laborer, The poor will all be happy. That is why National Farmers Day is celebrated in India on 23rd December, on the birthday of the fifth Prime Minister of India, Chaudhary Charan Singh, a well-known farmer leader who initiated many policies to improve the lives of Indian farmers., and various programs on the occasion, debates, seminars, quiz competitions, discussions, workshops, exhibitions, Essay writing competitions and tasks are organized.

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Apart from India, Farmers’ Day is also celebrated in other countries. In the United States, Farmer’s Day is celebrated on 12 October. It is celebrated throughout American history to pay tribute to all farmers. National Farmers Day in Ghana is celebrated on the first Friday of December as an annual festival of farmers and fishermen. on the occasion of farmers day, Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Ghana awards special rewards to farmers and fishermen based on their practices and output. India’s neighboring country Nepal, whose total population is 65% related to agriculture, There also National Farmers Day is celebrated in a very respectful manner. National Farmers Day in Zambia is celebrated ceremonially on the first Monday of August. But in India, Kisan Diwas has now become a mere object of ritual payment., And every year on 23rd December in the name of Farmers Day, by offering flowers and garlands on the tomb of Chaudhary Charan Singh and some programs., By organizing seminars, the information of his duties is understood to be Mr.

Choudhary Charan Singh worked for agriculture and farmer throughout his life and also advocated for the advanced methods of farming and the modern pattern of the market for cultivating crops or crop produce., So that the farmer gets proper price for his produce and the food donor and ultimately the country can be happy. The methods suggested by Chaudhary Charan Singh would have been implemented to solve the problems related to the tenants., So today both the country and the farmers would be happy. But today the condition of the country is that the farmer of the country is in bad shape even after giving more yield. Farmers, once considered to be the rulers of the country, are forced today, appear poor. The food provider of the country is fascinated by grain today. His financial condition has gone from bad to worse due to crop failure and market uncertainty. improved seed, chemical fertilizer, And the farmer has increased his yield with pesticides., But he does not have the means i.e. markets to absorb his produce. Farmers of almost all the states of the country leaving agriculture and farming in Delhi, Migrating to Mumbai or other metropolitan cities, So governments or government policies are directly responsible for this.

Farmers get better yields in the form of crop products, So no place to sell it and if space is available, So not the buyer who buys after paying the fair price. They are full of looters and not thugs all around. In such a situation, the farmer sells his crop obtained by tireless efforts at throwaway prices or destroys crops like vegetables which perish quickly., Because he has no resources available to preserve it or to process it and sell it in other form. In such a situation, additional cold storage ie cold storage is constructed., Potato, There is a dire need to encourage public and private investment in the processing industry of perishable vegetable crops like tomatoes, etc. Along with this there is a need to strengthen market knowledge. There is also a need to link the markets with each other and prepare a produce and market map., So that according to the need of the country there can be equitable distribution of various products across the country.

This should be decided on the basis of the country’s requirement of different produce. Agriculture Department, The marketing agencies of the states and the producer unions should decide this together. And it should also be ensured that if the country does not need more yield of any one crop., So its yield area should be stopped from increasing. In the event of getting a good price for a crop, the next year the farmers are fed up to take the yield of that crop., Due to which in case of higher yield of that crop, more market is not available for consumption of more produce., And in both the situations of not getting the proper price for the crop or the destruction of the crop produce, the farmer is killed. To avoid this situation, farmers should be motivated towards multicropping agriculture., That will reduce the risk. Farmer leader Chaudhary Charan Singh, who understood the plight of the farmer very well, also had a heartfelt desire that not only the methods of industries and businesses should be learned from abroad., Rather, take inspiration from modern methods of farming., But this could not happen.

It is true that the problems of farmers were never properly looked at. All the governments of divided India, All political parties have always used farmers only as vote bank. All the parties of the opposition are engaged in doing politics in the name of farmers., And their politics starts with the farmer and ends with the farmer. Righteous efforts make the medium of communication complete by telling the farmers to be prosperous. It is also true that all the parties have their own Hindi or English name of Kisan Morcha., unions and forums, But their only political use is more. This is the reason why the news of farmer suicides often remains in the headlines. Indigenous elders following the path of liberalism, Medium and small scale industries have been strangled. Farming has become a mere loss-making deal. MNCs have started controlling our farms after taking over the country’s market. Farmers are angry with the country’s agricultural policy and the government’s apathy towards farming. The plans of the country are responsible for the present condition of the farmers. The Nehru-Indira-Rajiv-Manmohan Singh model of development implemented in a divided India was never thought of to include the peasant model of Chaudhary Saheb. The present government is also following almost the same path.

According to farmer leader Chaudhary Charan Singh, importing easily made things from abroad or foreign interference in them will ruin the country’s economy. He gave the country an alternative agricultural policy., economic policy, Philosophy and thought. Along with indigenous farming, small and cottage industries, workers, used to emphasize the prosperity of weavers and artisans, But today the international market, Multinational companies are ruling the country’s agriculture and agriculture market by controlling it. There is no special mention of indigenous artisans and artisans in the policies of the government. There is an empire of sugar or other foreign products on the entire market of the country. Chaudhary Charan Singh did not want this at all, His wish was that the farmer should become the master of the country., of course, such an economy should be made, In which agriculture is at the top. Without strengthening the economic condition of the village and the farmers, it is useless to imagine the hope of strengthening the economic condition of the country and galloping on the path of progress of the country. Therefore, both the parties and the opposition together should take a resolution to solve the issues of farmers and work in the interest of farmers on this Farmers Day., Otherwise the imagination of Jai Jawan Jai Kisan in the country is meaningless.

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