Is Putin a mediator?

After Putin’s visit, it became known that during his talks with Modi, he, Russia and China proposed trilateral summit, So that the ongoing tension between India and China can be reduced. Last week, Putin spoke to Modi again after his much talked about video summit with the Chinese President. Valadimir purtin india china

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in India on 6 December for the summit. 20 In December, he spoke to Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the phone. what was so important in two weeks, For which both the leaders felt the need to negotiate again., There is no confirmed news about this. but there are discussions, Which gives some indication. After Putin’s visit, it became known that during his talks with Modi, he, Russia and China proposed a summit, So that the ongoing tension in the relations between India and China can be reduced. Last week, there was a much-discussed video summit between Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping. After that he again spoke to Modi. Meanwhile, there are other signs that the rhetoric between India and China has softened. The spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry has said that China maintains contact with India at the diplomatic and military level. On the other hand, India has appointed Pradeep Kumar Rawat as its new ambassador to Beijing. China’s pro-government newspaper Global Times has published a big report on this., In which it has been mentioned that Rawat speaks fluent Chinese and also has a Chinese nickname. It is to be mentioned that Rawat has also been on diplomatic posting in Beijing in the past and knows China very well.

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It is noteworthy that at a time when the confrontation between Russia and China with America is increasing rapidly., At that time it is in both their interest that as much as possible, Keep India away from the American axis. So this possibility is now being expressed that in the coming days India will, China and Russia will have a trilateral summit. Meanwhile, China will soften its stand, So that the supporters of the government in India can get a chance to say that the diplomacy of the Prime Minister is being successful. On the other hand, the tension between India and China for almost one and a half years., There may be slackness in it. when America is capable, then obviously, China does not want to further heat the front with India. That’s why experts have come to see that there is an effort to make some talk through Putin.

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