Kim Kardashian: “Knits the Praise” of her ex, Kanye West – “She taught me so many things”

Despite their ugly separation, Kim Kardashian "owes a lot" to her ex-husband

The Kim Kardashian feels grateful to the former husband Kanye West , as recently admitted.

In an interview during the podcast ” We Are Supported By … ” with Kristen Bell and Monica Padman, the 40-year-old star said that regardless of what happened between her and Kanye West and led to their marriage to the end , she feels grateful to him, as he taught her many things.  

“At this point – I want to thank Kanye. Having been in a relationship with him for a decade has changed me a lot as a person. He is a man who does not care at all to be liked by others, he generally does not care about the opinions around him. He cares to be true to himself. He taught me. In fact, he did it in the best way, without even trying. He showed me in his own way that we must live in every moment and be ourselves “ , said Kim Kardashian

As she admitted, in the past she was very anxious about how people treat her, about her appearance, and even about the statements she made. However, next to the rapper, she realized that all these things are so ” small”, as she characterized them during her interview.

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“I’m just tired of satisfying others. I learned first of all to be myself next to him. There is no need to thank everyone. The more I am myself, the more I like it. I live the way I want, I have a life and I will live it as I choose and no one else “, explained the 40-year-old star of the Kardashian family, emphasizing that this change in her attitude towards life was what finally helped her gain more confidence in all areas.

She filed for divorce in February, but said the problems in their relationship had started a long time ago. They have four children together and share custody of North, St., Chicago and Psalm.

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