Mamata and Pawar’s displeasure with Rahul

NCP supremo Sharad Pawar and Trinamool Congress president Mamata Banerjee both remain angry with former Congress president Rahul Gandhi. Pawar has said in front of Sonia Gandhi several times before that he will talk to her about alliance and seat-sharing etc., Not from Rahul. Similarly, during her Delhi visit in July, Mamata Banerjee had only sought time to meet Sonia Gandhi. During the meeting, Rahul Gandhi also came for a while. Later, Trinamool leaders told reporters in an informal conversation that Mamata Banerjee did not consider this cameo appearance of Rahul Gandhi as good. Mamata Banerjee Rahul Gandhi

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Mamata Banerjee feels that Rahul Gandhi has given importance to Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury to oppose her in West Bengal. Rahul made him the leader of the party in the Lok Sabha as well as the President of West Bengal. He is a staunch opponent of Mamta. Apart from this, Rahul Gandhi is very close to CPM General Secretary Sitaram Yechury. In Bengal, the CPM may be on the verge of extinction, but Mamta still sees a threat from it. It is because of Rahul’s attachment to the impatient and Yechury that Mamta targeted him and went to the BJP line and criticized Rahul for the fact that he lives abroad.

Similarly, Sharad Pawar had once said that Rahul is politically ignorant. His anger is due to many reasons. He broke away from the Congress opposing Sonia Gandhi only after becoming the President. s / o, His annoyance with Sonia is well known. Under compulsion, he made an alliance with Congress, then in the state 15 Year was the Chief Minister of Congress and in the center 10 Pawar did not get any of the top five ministries in the government of the year. From above, now Rahul has overtaken Nana Patole in Maharashtra, Whose politics is going to harm NCP. So they live in Khunnas with Rahul.

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