Mistake done by Mamta didi! Sitting and singing the national anthem, complaint filed in Mumbai

Mumbai | Mamata Banerjee Maharashtra Visit: New trouble has come upon TMC supremo and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who went on a Maharashtra tour for Mission 2024. National Anthem in Mumbai on him (national anthem) and a complaint has been lodged with the police. A senior BJP leader has filed a police complaint against Didi for insulting the national anthem.

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Didi is uniting the opposition on a three-day tour of Maharashtra
Mamata Banerjee Maharashtra Visit: TMC supremo Mamta Didi is in Maharashtra on a three-day visit. During this, she is working to unite all opposition parties for Mission 2024. Mamta didi has met Sharad Panwar of the Nationalist Congress Party and leaders of Shiv Sena during her visit.

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BJP alleges insult to national anthem
During his tour, CM Banerjee made a mistake that he sang the national anthem while sitting. During a press conference in Mumbai on Wednesday, allegations have been made against Mamta didi that she did not complete the national anthem and sat in the middle. Minutes after this conference, many politicians protested this behavior of Didi. Bengal BJP has fiercely targeted Banerjee on this issue on Wednesday.

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Maharashtra BJP leader Prateek Karpe tweeted, ‘Isn’t this an insult to the national anthem? When CM Mamata Banerjee sat down and started the national anthem, what were the alleged intellectuals present there doing. The CM suddenly stopped in the middle.

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