Threat of cyclonic storm looms over Andhra-Odisha! Heavy rain warning, administration alert

Bhubaneswar | Cyclone Jawad Andhra-Odisha! The threat of a cyclonic storm has once again loomed large over the southern states of India. For which the Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued an alert. According to the Indian Meteorological Department, a low pressure area is forming in South Andaman Sea, which is going to deepen into a depression and move towards Odisha as a cyclonic storm on December 4. This cyclonic storm has been named Jovad. The effect of this storm is already visible in many states of the country and the weather has changed. It has started raining in many states. The Meteorological Department has also warned of rain in the capital Delhi today.

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Alert issued regarding storm in Odisha
Taking the alert of the Meteorological Department seriously, the Odisha government has prepared a disaster management strategy for rescue and relief operations as a precautionary measure. National Disaster Response Force, Odisha Disaster Rapid Response Force and Fire Department personnel have been called in. The government has asked the collectors to prepare for the withdrawal of water from 13 districts of the state.

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Cyclonic storm will hit 90 kmph
Cyclone Jawad Andhra-Odisha! Even before the arrival of the cyclonic storm, the wind speed has increased to 45 to 55 kmph in the state, which is likely to increase further. According to the Meteorological Department, after intensifying into a cyclonic storm, it will move north-westwards and it is very likely to hit the north Andhra Pradesh-Odisha coast by Saturday morning with a speed of 80 to 90 kmph. Due to this, many coastal districts of Odisha will start raining from December 3. The districts of South Odisha may receive heavy rains on December 3.

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