New rules made to reduce testing

New Delhi. On one hand the infection of corona virus is increasing and on the other hand the government is taking measures to reduce testing. The government has announced new rules for testing, so that large groups will not need testing. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has issued a new advisory, in which the matter of testing has been left largely to the discretion of the doctors. Now the person who came in contact with the infected does not need to get tested.

The new guidelines state that Emergency procedures like surgery or delivery should not be delayed due to lack of testing. It has also been said that if there is no testing facility in any hospital, then a patient suffering from any other disease should not be sent to any other hospital only on this basis.

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Asymptomatic patients who are undergoing surgery or non-surgical operative procedures should not be tested if they do not have symptoms or if the test is not considered necessary. Women in near-term labor and who have to be admitted to the hospital for delivery should not be forced to undergo tests unless absolutely necessary or if they show no symptoms.

It states that those who are hospitalized should not be tested for corona more than once a week. Even asymptomatic people living in community places do not need to be tested. People who come in contact with patients confirmed to be corona infected also do not need to be tested, unless they are of old age or have a serious illness. Such persons who have been declared discharged on the basis of the guidelines of home isolation also do not need to be tested. Such persons who have been discharged from the Kovid-19 center on the basis of the revised discharge policy also do not need to be tested and people traveling from one state to another also do not need to be tested.

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