Novak Djokovic | His family held a press conference and accused the Australian government of holding him “prisoner”

Novak Djokovic is the protagonist of a real scandal in the world of tennis, his family broke the silence, gave a press conference where he directly accused the government of Australia for the bad treatment suffered

“Serbia is Novak and Novak is Serbia, they are trampling Serbia and Novak. That man, Scott Morrison, whose name speaks for itself, dared to attack Novak. They wanted to humiliate him without even going in and kneeling. And not only him, but also our Serbia. We are a proud people who never attacked anyone, only defended themselves, ”said Srdan Djokovic.

Without wanting to reassure the situation, the tennis player’s family was encouraged to make a comparison between the player and Jesus:

Novak has been proving for 20 years that he is part of the liberal world. Jesus was crucified and they did everything to him, and then he endured and is still alive among us. They are trying to crucify Novak in the same way as Jesus and do everything to him. Novak is the best man and athlete in the world. He will endure, as we have endured. Novak will fight as we and the Serbs did with all the Balkans ”expressed the father

Leaving aside the religious formalities, the tennis player’s father once again pointed out against the Australian government and said “Novak was sent to prison. He is not detained, but in prison. They took everything but the phone, she cannot wash or change. He is a prisoner of those bastards, shame.

The president of Serbia also endorsed Novak

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic also accused Australian authorities of “mistreating” world tennis number one Novak Djokovic, after the Serbian player was held at Melbourne airport due to a problem with his visa.

In a message on Facebook, Vucic assured that “all of Serbia is with him and our authorities are studying all measures so that this mistreatment of the best tennis player in the world ends as soon as possible.”

The news of Nole

Currently the number 1 in the world is isolated in a hotel in the city while waiting for resolutions.

Although it was known at first that Australian government authorities decided to deport him immediately, the tennis player’s lawyers resorted to the revocation of the visa and at the beginning of next week, a court will review the case and decide whether to proceed with the deportation.

Let us remember that yesterday Novak Djokovic did not receive the permit after processing the medical exemption for not being vaccinated, he could not go through the airport due to a problem with his visa and he will not play the Grand Slam.

Rafa Nadal pointed out against Djokovic: “The world already suffered enough not to follow the rules”

Rafa Nadal spoke about the case of Novak Djokovic and his deportation from Australia since he does not comply with the full vaccination schedule against COVID19. The Serbian was left out of the tournament and had to leave the country.

The Spaniard was clear and pointed out about the Serbian’s decisions and said “The world has suffered enough not to follow the rules. Everyone should do what they think is good for them, but not vaccinating you can cause inconvenience, it is the only way to stop this pandemic.

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