‘Omicron’ blast in Maharashtra! Found 7 new infected together, total number of 12 in India

Mumbai | Omicron Variant in Maharashtra: The new variant of corona virus in India ‘Omicron’ has raised the concerns of the government. ‘Omicron’ blast took place in Maharashtra today on Sunday! Today 7 more cases of Omicron variant have been reported in Maharashtra. Since then, there has been a stir in the state government and the medical department. Maharashtra has already been the most affected state in the second wave of corona infection and now once again the situation is getting worse here.

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Omicron Variant in Maharashtra: After seven new cases of Omicron were reported in Maharashtra, now the total number of patients infected with Omicron has gone up to 8. Earlier, the case of Omicron had come to the fore in Dombivli, Maharashtra. Let us tell you that today there has been a stir in the capital of the country due to getting a patient of ‘Omicron’ variant in Delhi. This is the first case of ‘Omicron’ variant in Delhi.

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The number of Omicron infected in the country increased to 12
Travelers coming to India from abroad have raised the concerns of the health department. Travelers coming from outside are constantly being found corona infected and Omicron has also been confirmed in these. The Government of India and the state governments are taking full precautions regarding Omicron, despite this, the number of Omicron infected is increasing continuously in the country and now a total of 12 Omicron cases have been reported in the country.

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Omicron infected found here in India too
The first case of Omicron in India was found in Karnataka. Here two Amicron infected were exposed simultaneously. After this, yesterday i.e. on Saturday, the third case was registered in Jamnagar in Gujarat and the fourth in Dombivli in Maharashtra. After this, a patient of ‘Omicron’ variant has come to the fore in Delhi today and now 7 new patients have been confirmed again in Maharashtra.

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