Omicron reaches 16 states

New Delhi. The new variant of the corona virus, Omicron, has reached 16 states of the country. By the time of writing the news late on Wednesday evening, the total number of infected in 16 states of the country had reached 243. On Wednesday, Haryana got Omicron cases for the first time. Infection of the new variant was confirmed in five people simultaneously. Nine new patients were also found in Kerala on Wednesday and infection of this variant was confirmed in three new patients in the national capital Delhi. Three new infected have also been found in Gujarat.

Significantly, on Tuesday itself, the number of infected people reached above two hundred and by Wednesday evening this number reached 243. The most affected states include Delhi and Maharashtra. 11 new cases of Omicron have been found in Maharashtra, after which a total of 65 patients have been infected with this variant in the state so far. It has 57 cases in Delhi. It is a matter of concern that the first one hundred cases were found in the country in 15 days, but it took only five days to get one hundred to two hundred cases.

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On the other hand, Omicron has also entered Jammu and Kashmir, where three infected have been found. Their samples were taken on 30 November. The National Center for Disease Control, NCDC has confirmed that he has been infected with Omicron. Orders have been given for RT-PCR test of the people of the entire locality where the three people live. Point to be noted is that The first two cases of Omicron in the country were found on December 2 in Karnataka.

Scientists around the world say about Omicron that its infection rate is very high. Looking at the data of Omicron in India too, it is believed that soon the speed of its infection will increase further. There is also the possibility of community infection. Meanwhile, NITI Aayog member Dr. VK Paul said on Wednesday that we are watching very carefully any changes taking place in the increasing cases of corona. He said- Corona always comes with mild symptoms in the initial stage. Dr Paul said that any decision on booster dose will be taken after scientific research. The Union Health Minister had also said the same thing in Parliament.

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