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Bhopal. About thirty years ago today, the ghazal written by “Mumtaz Rashid” and sung by ‘Pankaj Udas’ became very popular and is not as famous and popular today, whose lyrics were “Silver like color hai tera, gold like hair, one You are the rich, the rest are poor” On the same lines, the District Excise Officer of Khandwa “Kirar Saheb” has made a declaration, “You are the only “truthwadi”, ‘daruye’, the rest are ‘jhootley’. He clearly says that the drinker never tells a lie. The issue was that the collector ordered that no liquor should be sold from the liquor shop till both the doses of corona vaccine are applied.

The excise officer is a very kind person, he is also very worried about himself and his state, he thought that if the sale of liquor decreases, then what will happen to the revenue of the state, and the monthly income that he gets from the liquor contractors is also Will be in trouble, so, he called the journalists and announced that we will ask the drinker who came to buy liquor, “why brother did you get both the doses of vaccine or not” and if he said that yes we have got both the doses. So the shopkeeper will immediately hand over the Pauah, Adhi or the bottle which he has to take. Journalists asked do you believe that he will tell the truth because you are not asking for a certificate from him, then Kirar Saheb gave a revolutionary statement that a man who drinks alcohol never lies, he always speaks the truth.

You feel that no one would have given so much respect to today’s liquors. The liquors of the entire state should apply the dust of the feet of these Kirar Saheb on their foreheads and perform their aarti in the morning and evening by keeping their photo in the house. If Kirar Saheb’s words are accepted, then the work of the police will also become easy. The police have to use ‘third degree’ to expel their crime from thieves, pickpockets, pickpockets and other criminals who commit crimes, now it will be easy. Keep it with you for eight days and drink it after drinking it and then interrogate them, it will not take a minute, he will confess his crime because according to Kirar Saheb, the drinker does not lie. According to Kirar Saheb’s mathematics, only liquor is true in this country, all other types of people are liars. Here the government is asking for certificates from school children, from their parents, from government employees, from railway passengers, from plane passengers, for both doses of corona, the salaries of government employees who have not got both doses are being withheld. But hundred percent is being trusted on the words of ‘daroos’, wow, the excise officer was blessed to have such an officer in Khandwa district.

On the other hand, there is a demand that action should be taken against Kirar Saheb, but the government is of the opinion that no action should be taken against him or else if he contests the elections by making him a universal leader of liquors of the whole state, then all the other candidates will get bail. It won’t take long to get caught. Till now, people and gardens used to look down upon the wines, but Kirar Saheb brought his honor to the sky in a single stroke. In this Kali-yuga, who speaks the truth, the whole world rests on lies. In such a situation, if liquor has become the ‘brand ambassador’ of telling the truth, then what can be a bigger thing than this, it also means that if someone wants to be truthful, then he should start drinking alcohol.

what days were days

It is said that when the ‘star’ is favored, the person reaches the heights of the sky and when those stars turn their eyes, then it does not take long for the man to come to the “arsh to floor”, now the Mumbai Police Commissioner ‘Paramveer’ Just look at Singh’, what was the spirit, what was the status, what was the pride, mayanagari, the uncrowned king of the industrial capital of the country, the police commissioner, whoever he wants to enter, whoever he wants to reach the jail, whomever he wants by the order of the court. Get declared a fugitive, the police of the entire state, whom the police used to salute in the morning and evening, what was not Paramvir ji with the car, bungalow, servant, chakar. The ‘bar’ person, whom he used to signal the bundle of notes to the bungalow, the actor, the common man yearned to get a glimpse of the actress, Paramvir Singh could make him appear in his court in a summon, the then minister The recovery of crores was going on at the behest of. From the bar owners of the whole of Mumbai, but if it is bad, that ‘Sachin Vajhe’ would not go near the ‘Antilia’ building and neither the minister nor Paramvir Singh would have been exposed. Ever since the cases have been registered, Paramveer Singh’s valor has not been lost where he is running away from the same police who used to be the head of the police. There is no one to help. A bail application is being made in the court, but the court is also clearly saying that first tell your ‘location’, appear before it and then consider it. Now even if they tell the poor location, how can they tell, it will not take a minute for the police to pick them up. What days were really and what days have come, so ‘B. R. Chopra’s film Waqt’s song Yaad Aane Lagata Hai, “Yesterday, where there was happiness, today there is mourning there, time has brought us, time has brought us, time has brought day and night, time’s tomorrow and today, time’s every sai slave, Time’s Har Sha Pai Raj”

super hit of the week

The yoga teacher asked Mrs. “Has there been any change in the drinking habit of your husband i.e. Mr.

“There has been a lot of change, now he drinks alcohol even while standing on his head” was the reply of Mrs.

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