Ruckus on Hijab, after not being allowed to go to class for three weeks (AILAJ) said this is sheer Islamophobia

Udapi: Even after three weeks at the Government Women’s PU College in Udupi, Karnataka, girl students are still not being admitted to classes for “wearing the hijab”. Taking cognizance of this behavior with Muslim women in different districts of Karnataka, All India Lawyer Associate Justice (AILAJ) has complained to the Director of Government College, Udupi through its Twitter handle.

All India Lawyer Associate Justice in his letter wrote that “AILAJ has lodged a complaint with PU Education Department, GoK regarding deprivation of education for Muslim students wearing Hijab and speaking Urdu. Targeting the student’s right to own religious identity is nothing short of Islamophobia. ,
If Muslim students are being denied their religion or their identity in a college, then it is a complete act of spreading Islamophobia.

Let us tell you that the Government College of Udupi is not the first college in Karnataka where such controversies have taken place. In the Government College of Mangaluru district, some right wing students came to the class wearing saffron colored scarves and started saying that if Muslim girl students come wearing hijab then they will also come in saffron colored scarf in the class.
After this, the issue of Muslim girls coming to college wearing hijab is getting heated in Karnataka. Different disputes are coming out from different districts of the state.

First in Mangaluru, then in Chikmagalur and now in Udapi district also Muslim girls were not given entry in the class class with Hijab for the last 3 weeks. The girls say that the principal of the college did not allow them to attend the class. Some girls who were sitting inside the class wearing hijab were threatened by the teacher present in the class that they should go out or else they would be thrown out of the class by hitting them.

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